Time And Pyramids

You know what’s amazingly weird? Time.

Well, maybe not time itself; barring relativity effects, time quite happily marches on at the steady rate of one second every second. No, here I mean human perception of time.

If I instead asked you, dear blog enjoyer, to name a famous Ancient Egyptian then as a well read and knowledgeable individual you’d probably say Rameses II, one of the greatest Egyptian pharaohs.

If I asked a random bystander to name a famous Ancient Egyptian, they might name Tutenkamen, a short-lived ruler whose most notable accomplishment is “his tomb didn’t get looted”. Possibly they might instead point to Imhotep, who may or may not have existed but did star in The Mummy, which is a pretty good film. Also likely to be heard is Cleopatra, which leads to the factoid that started me down this line of thought.

Cleopatra isn’t an Ancient Egyptian. Cleopatra lived closer in time to the Moon landings than she did to the construction of the Pyramids.

What we call Ancient Eygpt lasted for thousands of years and it’s a little strange to think that there’s dozens of powerful people who at the time were so dominant that they were thought to be living gods yet their names are completely forgotten today. It is completely unsurprising that modern relevance trumps relevance at the time to our perception of things, but I sometimes wonder how this era will be seen thousands of years hence. I’ve seen the view that the Internet Age stores so much data that future historians won’t have to make guesses as to what life was like, but I have my doubts. Digital media isn’t as permanent as some people assume and there’s always room for error in what the future humans assume is significant.

Of course, if it is still humans by then.





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