Chill and Silicon Valley

A reliable source has told me that it’s summer up in the northern hemisphere, but despite most days being sunny it’s solidly winter here in the southern. I don’t live anywhere that gets super extreme weather – I’m not a literal penguin, sadly – so it’s daytime temps around 10c which is definitely tolerable.

It does get cold at night though and for whatever reason central heating is not an invention in widespread use here. Instead, I’m using traditional techniques to stay cosy: a big blanket, a mug of hot chocolate, someone to snuggle up to and TV shows set in California. I highly recommend it.

Currently, the Cali-bound show of choice is Silicon Valley, a show about exaggerated stereotypes of tech startup founders using their terrible personalities to sabotage themselves at every opportunity. It’s better than that description makes it sound, sort of like a version of The Office with no straight men. It’s certainly easier to watch than The Office; schadenfreude is even better when it happens to characters who deserve it.

A word of caution though: perhaps avoid it if you actually do work in a startup. I have a few friends in that position and at least one has sat through an episode stonyfaced because it was hitting way too close to home…


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