Desert Island MP3s #1

In one of my earlier posts, I described Desert Island Discs and said “that would be a good topic for a future blog post”. And now, here we are in a future blog post! Funny how that works.

To briefly recap the idea if you missed the post, DID is a radio show I am shamelessly ripping off where interesting people (or in this case, me) select and explain the 5 tunes they would take with them if they knew they were going to be stranded on an island forever. Presumably that scenario made a lot more sense back when they first thought of it and songs were one per vinyl on a handcranked gramophone.

As is usual for this blog, I’m not binding myself to such tiresome things as “doing research” and “sticking to the rules” so this isn’t going to be an ordered list of my top 5 favourite songs of all time. I’m not even guaranteeing I’ll stop at or even reach 5.



Bobby Vinton – Blue Velvet

So, an odd one to start with. This isn’t a genre I’m known for being a fan of. I’m not even sure exactly what genre you’d call it – a ballad? The story behind this one goes back to my childhood and probably not in the way you’d expect.With a setup like that, you’d be forgiven for assuming I had treasured memories of a grandparent who liked this song. You’d be wrong in that; the two musical tastes I can remember from them are my granny being really into Tina Turner and my grandad on the other side liking 40’s big band music.

No, this one’s all on me. As a child, the kitchen radio was permanently tuned to Radio 4 (how else would I know all about Desert Island Discs?) and one day, that radio was replaced with a new one. The old one was given to me for my bedroom: finally, I could choose my own destiny! No more boring talking, it’s time for tuuuunes!!

I started off with the local commercial pop station but as detailed in the last post, I have a low tolerance for adverts and annoying DJs. It was much higher back then as a dumb kid, but eventually the repetition got to me and I started station hopping. I found the golden oldies station and gave that a try for a while. I don’t know what it is with me and stations aimed at much older demographics!

The radio listening didn’t last too long once the novelty wore off – I preferred reading in the lounge with the CD player – but unlike the rest of the station’s playlist, this song has stuck with me. I’d never heard anything like it at the time and I still think a beautiful, melancholic song.

As a footnote, despite liking both this and David Lynch, I’ve still never seen the film Blue Velvet. I’ll get around to it one day.


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