Desert Island MP3s #2

Part of the wildly popular DIMP3s series


Ultrabeat – Pretty Green Eyes

It seems the songs that really stand out when I think back across my musical history aren’t necessarily the good ones; I did say this wasn’t going to be my all time favourite top 5. Yet again I’m not entirely sure what genre this falls into as I never really got into club music, but I’m going to go with it being a prime example of Eurodance. It does have techno-panflutes, after all.

As with Bobby Vinton back in #1, I mostly picked this because I associate it with another life milestone. This time, we’re not going back as far but to when I was in my late teens. Actually, I can date it pretty exactly to me being 17 because it involves me driving.

The year previously, I had done something that is still one of the proudest accomplishments of my life; I’d completed the Nijmegen route march in Holland with the Air Cadets. That was not only a physical challenge I’d overcome – It’s walking 100 miles in 4 days – but was also the first time I’d been abroad without my parents. It’s a big event in that part of the Netherlands with an atmosphere akin to a street festival. Naturally, being Europe in the 2000s, this meant that there were a lot of places blasting Eurodance onto the street. It was new and catchy and on my return at some point I picked up a 3 CD club music compilation. This was a bit out of place in our house as, unlike my brother and his heavy metal, up until then I had been perfectly content with my parent’s music collection which was mostly stuff like Pink Floyd and The Alan Parsons Project.

So, forward a little bit to at some point when I was 17 and had just picked up my first real job at a local supermarket. To do the training course, I needed to travel to the big store in a nearby city. There was teenage me, waking up early in the morning and commuting in a car like a real adult! Of course, I needed music for the 20 mile journey and what better choice than the one CD I owned? I listened to that every journey for the 2 weeks training took and the first track on the collection is still with me today.


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