Desert Island Mp3s #3

Part of the wildly popular DIMP3s series


Pink Floyd – Pulse

I said before that this was just a list of songs I felt were particularly noteworthy, rather than perhaps being “good”. Well, this entry doesn’t conform to that. This entry is incredibly good.

You’ve heard of Pink Floyd, I’m sure of it. They regularly top polls of “Best Band Ever” and last I checked Dark Side Of The Moon was the No. 1 top selling album of all time. They are an excellent band with some sublime songs.

In fact, they’re so good, I’m naming a greatest hits album as my MP3. It’s a recording of a live set so it kinda makes sense for it all to be one unbroken track anyway? Yeah, I’m going to allow that.

I mentioned in an earlier DIMP3 that my preferred music source was CDs on a stereo rather than live radio and this was definitely one of the most played CDs in the house, probably closely followed by a similar compilation from the Alan Parsons Project. Excellent music to while away an afternoon reading sci-fi books from the library. This particular CD also had the odd feature of a blinking LED on the case, supposedly timed to the length of the average human pulse. Certainly made it stand out in the mid-90s!

With a combination of amazing music and good associated memories from my childhood, there no way I wasn’t going to talk about this one. If you absolutely forced me to narrow it down to a specific track, these days I’d probably have to go for the hauntingly beautiful and deep “Wish You Were Here”.

If you’d asked me the same question at the time, I would have gone for “Another Brick In The Wall pt. 2”. Adults singing about how school was boring and bad? Awesome.


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