It’s steam summer sale time, where video games go on huge discounts and – conveniently for me – when the weather becomes awful, perfect for videogaming. Actually, I’ve been far less excited by this sale than I used to be. Partly this is the demise of the old Flash Sale system, where games used to have an OK sale discount for the whole 2 weeks but every 8 hours a new set of games went on a flash special much better discount. The new system of a steady discount the whole 2 weeks is much easier to deal with, but considerably less exciting.

And partly, it’s because I’ve grown more patient. The way games are now, all the expansions and little bits of DLC end up in a complete edition 2 years down the line, and that’s the version I’d rather play. The exception to this rule is multiplayer games because 2 years from now people will have moved on to the newest thing and indeed, the bulk of what I have picked up this sale falls in that category.

That’s not to say I have perfect patience. There’s a new Civilization coming in a few months and I cannot wait. Civ games have always been my favourites and based on the previews, this one has an excellent chance of being an improvement over the current version. One example: the powerful, unique world wonders now take up one of the tiles around your city, on top of that some wonders now have restrictions that must be met, such as the Pyramids only being buildable on desert. It’s a simple change that neatly ends the tendancy most players have to stuff as many wonders as they can into one city.

I suppose I must try to temper my excitement, though as not all change is good. This new wonder building system means that the old system’s tendancy to put the Pyramids in the middle of the ocean is gone forever.


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