Chilli Musings

A collection of thoughts on the theme of “chilli”.

  • Con Carne? Usually, although I’m sure a vegetarian option would be good. However, a kilo of beef mince is better.
  • Beans? Of course. Black or kidney, but not both. I use tinned but I respect those who prepare their own.
  • Onions. A must. Red and white, chop up one of each.
  • You need garlic in everything, but especially this. As many cloves as you can handle but at least 4.
  • Some colour and vitamins. Chopped up bell peppers, one green one red.
  • Obviously chopped tomatoes. Obviously. One tin.
  • Some liquid to tie everything together. A mug of beef or chicken stock is my go to.
  • Ah, seasoning. What is a chilli without 3 tsp of chilli power? I’ve been substituting some of that with finely chopped up red chillis lately, works a treat as you might expect. A small (half tsp) amount each of fennel, ginger and cumin finds its way in the mix too.
  • Then, the wild world of optional extras. Probably, anything would work – such is the power of chilli -but I personally can vouch for: a small amount of dark chocolate, cinnamon sticks, mushrooms or 330ml of stout. Not all at the same time, not for me.

Fry up your mince, onions and garlic then stir everything together in a slow cooker, heat on low for at least 4 hours.

I suppose that was less “musings” and more “a recipe”. Enough for 4, serve with rice and a nice pale ale.


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