Desert Island MP3s #4

Part of the wildly popular DIMP3s series


Kavinsky – Nightcall

As I’m sure every single person ever does, I have a meticulous series of songlists specifically for driving ambience. Some A-Ha and Flock Of Seagulls for “Roadtrip/Afternoon/Passengers”. Beach Boys for “In Convertible/Sunny/Going To/From Beach”. James Bond Themes for “Roadtrip/Afternoon/Everyone’s Sick Of 80’s Karaoke”

This is the anchoring point for “Alone/Night/City”. It’s powerful. It’s moody. It has the synth sounds I demand from my darkness ambience. It makes me feel like I’m starring in my own slow paced thriller.

I no longer remember exactly how I found Kavinsky; I have a suspicion it was a recommendation from my brother. As is probably obvious by now, I’m an absolute sucker for synths so I immediately fell for this song. Through the magic of “related to this” on bandcamp and youtube I picked up a huge amount of other artists in the genre that I think has pretty much settled on “Retrowave”

A year or two after I found it, it was featured in the film “Drive”, a deeply stylish song for a deeply stylish film. I loved the film and if you’ve seen it you’ll definitely know why I now think of this song as such a perfect night driving track.

There’s others along the same lines; Lazerhawk, Power Glove and Futurecop all get honourable mentions in the same playlist. But they weren’t first, and they’re not still the best.


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