Desert Island MP3s #5

Part of the wildly popular DIMP3s series


A-Ha – Take On Me

Take on me (take on me), take meeeee on (take on me), I’ll beeee gooone, in a day or twoooo…

(synth solo)

Some of the selections for this list haven’t necessarily been songs I’d want to be forced to listen to for the rest of eternity. No such problem with A-Ha. I love A-Ha so, so much.

If you’ve been reading this blog religiously I’m sure you anticipated this one popping up in DIMP3s. I’ve mentioned A-Ha before in posts and I think I may also have discussed a fondness for synth, so as a fine example of 80s synthpop naturally I was going to include this one.

It also has a special place in my heart for being my karaoke go-to, a skill I have honed on many a car singalong. My rendition of this powerful pop song is excellent, if I say so myself.

Unlike all the previous entries for this series, there’s a visual component at work here too. Take On Me has one of the all-time great music videos, which is the one the link at the top points to. It’s a creative and playful video with a strong aesthetic, just like the song.

Also, you get to look at A-Ha. Dreamboats, the lot of them. That part I can’t replicate during the karaoke.


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