In The Dark

One of the annoyances of living in a rented apartment is not being able to change things. The item in question I’d like to change is the lighting. I’m old enough to remember when all lights were either incandescent bulbs that needed replacing far too often or big fluorescant tubes that buzzed and had oddly shaded lighting. Thankfully, the world has moved on to either energy bulbs or LEDs in new builds.

My flat hasn’t.

We have some spotlighting over the kitchen sink which appears to be very small old-school bulbs. Luckily, we’ve never had to replace any because we hardly ever used them.

The main lights of the rooms are not bulbs but what appear to be tiny fluorescant tubes. They’re halogen lights, which I’d heard of but never seen before moving here. My vague impression of halogen beforehand was that they were bright, but that definitely isn’t the case here. The light level was tolerable before, but last week I ran out of our stockpile of replacement tubes and had to buy more from the lighting shop – and yes, I have to go to a specialist lighting shop to buy replacements. Sadly for me, they didn’t have any of the usual brand available and I had to get a different type. These new ones are higher wattage but somehow manage to be noticably dimmer, which I find hard to wrap my head around. At least I probably won’t have to put up with them long, we have 4 halogens in the flat and the 2 in the main living area die probably about once a month. Reliable, they are not.

I’d like nothing more than to pay someone to replace everything with LEDs but I can’t, so the moral of the story here is to never rent. Own your own house, so if there’s anything you don’t like you can burn it to the ground and start over.


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