Desert Island MP3s #6

Part of the wildly popular DIMP3s series


Genesis – Mama

Confession time: my preference in Genesis albums is strongly the later Phil Collins ones. I really don’t care for the earlier, weirder stuff like Selling England By The Pound, although I will admit to liking odd tracks from that era.

There’s people out here who’d strongly disagree with my preference for late Genesis, although I’ve never met one in person; I’m yet to run across a classic rock radio DJ in the wild.

So, I don’t rate Genesis as a Prog Rock band at all. On the progressive side, they were too weird to be good and far outclassed by the likes of Pink Floyd and Marillion and once their rock songs got good, they were barely prog at all. But as a Collins led rock band, well now I’m interested.

I’ve got to speculate that it was Collin’s weird position as drummer and lead singer that led to the sheer power of some of his songs. I’m thinking of some of his solo output here as well, In The Air Tonight is a good example of a song uncomplicated by fancy guitar work. These tracks are rhythm focused first and foremost, but they also have vocals that demand attention. It’s a lttle odd that Collins ever became a lead singer, but although he may not have range he sticks to his strengths, which in the case of Mama is a simple refrain powerfully delivered.

It’s a song to play if you want to get fired up about something and that sounds like something I’d need on a desert island.


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