Sky High TV

It’s been a little while since any postin’ took place here. Sorry about that, computer access was more limited than I thought on holiday part 2, also I was on holiday.

Since my return, I’ve gotten used to winter temperatures again. It’s not super cold here, but 14c is a lot worse that 32c so I caught a cold prety much immediately on my return. As such, I haven’t really done all that much so here’s a review of what I watched on the flight home.

I was flying with Air New Zealand which as I discussed before charges for films but lets you watch TV series for free. They also have a fairly nifty range of games you can play (including against other people!) but I don’t feel my delightful blog audience will get much out of a retelling of how I won a city-based trivia quiz.

With a 9 hour flight and minimal napping, I was able to watch 3 different shows. They’re all comedies, because I really don’t want anything too complex when I’m on a plane. In no particular order then:

  1. Star Wars Rebels

It’s Star Wars, it’s animated and it’s aimed mostly at kids. This makes it perfect for the last half of a plane flight; you don’t lose any facial nuances, it’s easy to follow even if you doze off and there’s lots of exploding spectacles. With that said though, for being aimed at kids it was pretty decent. For a start it was very “Star Warsy” by which I mean the producers managed to make the tone of the show very similar to the films (the good ones). That’s not all they did right though, obnoxious cliches were kept to a minimum, the plots made sense and had an arc over the season and the characters were NOT insufferable – some were even likeable! That’s a major triumph for a kid’s series starring a teenager, so I’ll probably check out season 1 (the plane only had s2) and possibly the Clone War series prequels. 4 midichlorians out of 5.

2. Alan Partridge’s Mid Morning Matters

The latest for Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge character, a parody of the bad broadcasters that inhabit the low levels of English TV and radio. Previously Partridge has been a sportscaster for a newsdesk, a talkshow host and a radio DJ, sliding down the career ladder as his incompetence proves too much at each. We now find him at a new low, a DJ for a Norwich station on internet radio.

The humour comes from the many on-air cockups that Alan makes out of blithe ignorance, whether thats telling an embarrassing story about a friend or unintentionally insulting guests, as well as his barely concealed rivalry with his co-host. While Rebels was entertaining, APMMM actually had me crack up with laughter at some of the jokes. It’s very funny, if at the same time very cringe inducing. The very specific setting means I don’t know how much someone who isn’t from England would get out of it though. 3 gaffes out of 5.

3. The Muppets

Finally and also in the category of “comedies about the media” is The Muppets. It’s basically 30 Rock but with puppets and not as funny.

I don’t really have much more to say about this one. Some- but not enough- jokes were funny I guess. 2 gonzos out of 5.


Oh, turns out that was in quality order after all. Good for me.


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