Showered With Praise

One thing I came to appreciate during my stays in the various hotels on my travels was how good the shower in my apartment is. Also NO this isn’t me just blogging about whatever I was seeing or doing immediately before the post deadline, showers are important.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of a good shower. And I do mean a good shower, I’m sure we’re all aware of the benefits of a regular shower i.e. getting clean. A good shower cleans you but is also a pleasant temperature and a good pressure. The exact temp and pressure is up to individual tastes of course, but a good shower can support it all, from “barely there drizzle” to “forced into the wall” and from “ice cold” to “oh god it burns”.

There were definitely showers on the road that couldn’t do pressure or temperature and a shower that isn’t to your liking makes it hard to take your time, chill out and unwind. One place in Honolulu even committed the worst sin a shower can: uneven temps. It’s very hard to relax and let the day’s stresses go if you can’t predict if you’re going to be frozen or scalded in the next 10 seconds. And that’s bad because a good shower cleans you bodily and mentally.

I suppose that’s why so many people would also add “acoustics” to the list of things a good shower should have, for most people you have to be a little loosened up before you start singing. I’ve got to say though, that’s never been for me. Maybe a few lines here and there but I’m no shower Pavarotti! No, for me, I stand there in my shower, enjoying the perfect temperature and the perfect pressure and just let my mind wander and see what it comes back with. Often that’s good topics for a blog post, like how nice showers are.


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