Shaking Out Some Albatross Facts

I have decided to be topical for a change and write a post the morning it’s published, about the morning it’s published! Sadly, nothing much is going on this Friday morning. I’ve got a cup of tea, I’m listening to some cracking pop music and the best story on the news is that there was a strong earthquake off New Zealand that was far enough offshore it didn’t really do anything.

I had a look at maps of the area and it’s just ocean, so the epicentre would have only hit fish and albatross. I don’t care much about fish, but I’ve seen albatrosses up close and they’re cool birds so here’s some albatross facts to start your weekend.

  1. Albatrosses can drink seawater.
  2. Adult non-breeding albatrosses are either flying or floating so earthquakes don’t bother them.
  3. Albatrosses can stay at sea for years without touching land.
  4. There’s a wild albatross that’s known to be over 65 years old, some could be older.
  5. Albatrosses are big- up to a 3.5m wingspan.
  6. It’s hard to picture how giant that is until they’re flying next to your head.
  7. Albatrosses will happily eat the results of human seasickness.

I hope these facts come in handy!




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