Desert Island MP3s #7

Part of the wildly popular DIMP3s series


Kristine – Radio

There’s been an underground 80’s revival happening for the last few years. I’ve touched on it before in my Kavinski DIMP3, but while Kavinski is a thoroughly modern artist with 80’s instrumentation, this is more of a straight up revival. The beats, synth-heavy melodies and breathy vocal style could all have been lifted straight from a cutting-edge 1984 artist.

More importantly than that is that Kristine is a damn good singer with some awesome songs. I had an extremely hard time picking the one song to go in the lead link but eventually picked the bouncy “Radio”. I can’t say it’s her best song -too much competition- but I love how infectiously bouncy and energetic it is.

As I said, Kristine is very, very inspired by 80’s pop and her attention to the style of the era is mystifyingly perfect; I keep expecting that I’ll watch some obscure 80’s romcom and discover one of the songs as the closing credits. It really wouldn’t be surprising, yet as far as I can tell these songs genuinely were made this decade. That’s not to say that Kristine and her collaborators haven’t learnt from the advances in music in the intervening 30 years Elements that, in hindsight, were awful (eg phone sound effects!) have been left out so all that’s left is the absolute pinnacle of 80s-style pop.

I really can’t stress enough how unfair it is to actual 80’s acts how much Kristine improves on things. If you’re a big fan of the DIMP3s series it might not surprise you if I say that one of my favourite pop songs is The Boys Of Summer, a synthy, fast song with a melancholic edge. I’ve always enjoyed hearing it on a radio, even cover versions. And yet I prefer The Deepest Blue. It has exactly the same elements but is, in my opinion, the better song; I prefer the beat, the bridge, hell, even the chorus is better and that’s Boys Of Summer’s strong point!

If you had a fanciful turn of phrase (and heck, I do) you might go as far as to say that Kristine is the platonic ideal of an 80’s pop star; every note, every lyric the distilled essence of early 80s synth based pop. I’m interested to see how far she can take that!



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