Pie Fillings

I have eaten many pies in my time. Would you be interested in learning which are the best ones?

The best hot pie fillings are

  • Steak & Kidney
  • Cherry
  • Blueberry
  • Chicken & Mushroom
  • Apple

Steak and Kidney is an all time classic, delicious meat in a rich sauce complemented by the flavour of the kidney. Cherry and Blueberry are different but equal beasts, a heavy shortcrust pastry offsetting the sweetness of the filling. Chicken and Mushroom in a white sauce is a lighter pie but no less tasty. Apple pies are a different sweet pie, more reliant on spices and delightfully autumnal.

There are many, many other pie fillings, of course. If you can stew it you can pie it, after all. I had to leave off many extremely good pies like Lamb & Mint and Sausage & Apple, but I’m happy with the top 5. They’re classics for a reason!

I’m aware that I’m off trend by not including the seasonal mania for pumpkin, but pumpkin filling is terrible, it tastes like wallpaper paste and cinnamon. I would say not to be fooled by Steak and Cheese either as cheese is not a great pie filling ingredient, it gets lost too easily unless done well.

Finally, pies without pastry lids (lattices are OK) are not pies; they are either tarts or casseroles with ambition.


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