Every New TV Show REVIEWED!

It’s a rainy morning here so I’m amusing myself by watching the official previews of all the new TV shows coming to the American networks this “Fall”. This is a terrible idea and I don’t recommend you do it. No-one should be subjected to what the main networks think is good, but as I’ve already made the mistake, here’s what I think in a handful of sentences!

Kevin Can Wait

Terrible pun title, generic hot wife/slobby guy sitcom, trash.

The Good Place

Someone undeserving goes to heaven due to mixup and doesn’t fit in! I’ve never heard of that setup before, as I am 5 years old. Despite that, actually has a chance due to the writers behind it.


It’s one thing to know that the rich can pay sleazy lawyers to pervert the justice system, it’s another to have the whole thing celebrated. Gross.

This Is Us

Shallow “heartstring-tugging” Emmy bait.


Minnie Driver is a bully who uses her disabled kid to intimidate everyone in her way. She is a hero for being strong, because her kid is disabled.

Designated Survivor

Jack Bauer becomes President. He is almost immediately encouraged to nuke people, but doesn’t because he has morals and inner strength despite what Kumar from “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle” thinks.

Lethal Weapon

A series based on the films with new actors I don’t know. A mismatched buddy cop series could work and it did in the films, so could be good?


The media has so much power it influences court cases! This is a good thing, not hideously smug or self-indulgent at all! (presentation paid for the media)


It’s a sports story. Everyone already knows exactly how it will go.


A sexed-up remake of an Eighties show. I never saw the original, but this seems like a dumb action show that knows and embraces the dumbness, which could work?


A rich layabout gets a dream job as a “punishment”, proceeds to whine about it until, I presume, her heart of gold starts shining through. I’ll never know, it looks unbearable.


A history professor and a special ops dude have to stop a timecriminal from not destroying the Hindenburg. I don’t know if it’s entirely set in the 30s, but the setup seems kinda Indiana Jonesy to me; not bad maybe?

No Tomorrow

Rich white people deal with their problems by ignoring them.


A magic CB radio changes history, or something? It was pretty unclear, main character had a dead dad for pathos though.

American Housewife

I’m glad someone is finally taking snooty put-together rich people down a peg by being aggressively normal at them!

Man With A Plan

The wacky one from Friends becomes a stay at home dad! Hilarity…..ensues….?

The Great Indoors

Joel McHale is too smarmy to convince anyone he’s a rugged wilderness type, but hey he has so many jokes about millennials! Guys, come back… I thought you liked those…

Pure Genius

What if one of the messiah-complex tech billionaires from Silicon Valley opened a hospital but it wasn’t a comedy and was played entirely, painfully straight? Well, that would be cringeworthy. And lo and behold, it is.


If any of these do turn out to be any good I’ll watch them in a few years time when they’re on the good seasons, like I always do. Happy Watching!


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