The Day Today

Just a quick little blog post here, I don’t have much in the was of deep thoughts going on so here’s just Stuff I’m Doing Today. Be fairly warned: despite the title, I won’t be discussing any early 90s news parodies, no matter how brilliant it was.

Obviously, a big chunk of today is going to be spent deep in the guts of the Civ 5 SDK- hold on until the Friday post for more on that! Also in the “Productive tasks” category, I have to drop off a cheque at the bank, although I’ll probably put that off because the weather’s a bit grim and I know I’m out and about tomorrow anyway.

In entertainment news, there’s likely to be some videogaming. I’m still going through Divinity: Original Sin in co-op and that’s still a blast. The in-game arguments that can happen when you differ in quest approaches are still gold and we’re getting to the point where we’re starting to wreck face in fights if we don’t make mistakes, although we’re still the facewreckees if we do. I’ll let the nickname “Team Misplays” speak as to whether that’s a common occurence…

And finally, I’ve been reading again. The title this time is The Magician King by Lev Grossman. I read the first book a month or so ago and they’re both quite good fantasy novels, taking the premise of what if children’s books like Narnia and Harry Potter had world-weary college kids as the protagonists instead. They’re well written and enjoyable, so recommended, especially if you grew up on stuff like that.

Alright that’s enough here, I’ve got things to do!



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