Desert Island MP3s #8

Part of the wildly popular DIMP3s series


Simple Minds – Someone, Somewhere in Summertime

I’ve been knuckling down to some hardcore coding lately -you may have noticed. As such, I’ve been after music that’s good for playing in the background. Usually, I’d be playing a whole bunch of newretro electronica stuff, but you’ve got to change it up every so often.

Enter Simple Minds. You probably know them, especially if you’ve ever watched a 80’s romcom: don’t you forget about Don’t You Forget About Me. However, before going full stadium rock they had a few albums that were more influenced by the New Romantic movement. In particular, I like New Gold Dream. I linked to the first song, but it’s in a playlist of the whole album and you’ll notice it’s got a few pop songs on it, but most of the album is sort of low-key synthpop. The vocals are interesting too; they’re mixed unusually low; I guess a form of lyrical mumbling, but not as bad as that makes it sound?

The overall effect is an album that’s good, but doesn’t demand your attention. I think it’s perfect for when you want something upbeat but not too energetic while you’re trying to get something done, so that’s exactly when I bring it out. I’m probably being quite unfair to the album by focusing on this aspect, but as they say, write what you know.

Oh, and on reviewing this post, it seems I just switched out new retro synth background music for actual retro synth background music. I have a type ok.


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