Modding Civ #4

Part 3 is here

As promised, the final art assets for my civ mod are now done. It’s released on the Steam Workshop, and you can get it here for free if you want to play Civ V with it yourself!

Time, I suppose, to share my final thoughts on the creative process.


As you see, here it is in all its glory!

You can click through to the steam page for more screenshots, but I can assure you everything’s in place: there’s custom words and art for everything that should have one of those things.

I mention art, and last week when I said I just had to stick in some picture and I was done, someone asked me “So you’ve only done the easy bit then?”. As it happened, I ended up doing the art assets myself and got first hand experience of just how true that is. Not only was the code dealing with adding the art into the game the most complex part of the mod, but finding images and wrangling them into pleasing arrangements was really hard. AND I didn’t even have to make them from scratch!

Because there was a rank amateur handling it, the art for the mod did end up being a touch rougher than I’d envisaged, but I had to find things on the official Dishonored site and on Google that were ‘close enough’. It’s really a shame that I’m no artist, as the Dishonored’s concept art is similar to the Civ V style, but unfortunately completely matching the style for everything was beyond me . It took me long enough just to learn how to convert the images into a format Civ V would accept without crashing! Still, while the art could be better I’m really happy how the overall mod turned out, especially as it’s my first one ever!

I think most of my problems were caused by not reading the many step by step guides I found closely enough,  so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Kael again for putting together the guide I followed for most of the mod, as well as all the people who asked and answered questions on various Civ forums. Following the guide got me started and whenever I ran into issues I could usually find someone posting about the exact same thing with a helpful answer.

Still, the most fun I had during the 8 hours or so I spent yesterday trying to get Civ to display a picture rather than crash was assigning the colours for Dunwall. To match the emblem, they had to be blue and gold but on the first attempt I messed up the values and ended up with a fairly nice shade of lilac and red! I wish I’d taken a screenshot or noted the values down. Attempt 2 was a direct transcription of the banner colours- dark blue and gold- but it ended up too close to Civ’s Sweden colours so I lightened it up to avoid confusion. It’s slightly more cheerful than the tone of the Dishonored game: grey and brown would suit that more. However, I feel the teal implies “the sea” which fits the theme I went for and you can read the yellow words a lot easier than you can the gold ones.

Given all the effort I put into it, I’m glad the mod turned out well. I’m still hopeful that the Dunwall civ is balanced to the same power level of the default civs but I suppose time will tell on that one. That’s a secondary consideration to it being fun to play though, and fingers crossed I managed that at least! I’ll be keeping an eye on the mod in case I need to tweak or fix anything, but it’s time to move on so check back here Friday because I’m not done yet!


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