Modding Skyrim #1

Hot off the heels of my successful Civilization modding, it’s time for a new project. As I said in the Civ posts, I’m going to hold off further Civ projects until the next entry in that series arrives, so we need a new game! The obvious candidate to me is noted mod-friendly RPG Skyrim, a game I’m very familiar with playing but haven’t done any substantial modding to.

This has the nice side effect that I’ve always said that inside me lives a terrible fantasy novel, so writing some epic quest mod is a good way to get it out. But that’s not where we’re starting!

As with Civ, it’s a good idea to start small. I’ve had a look at modding Skyrim before and well, gave up at the complexity. But of course, that was before I had a rapt audience hanging on my every post! Well done you, you’re inspiring me onward! So, let’s get started and set out the initial objective:

Goals for Week 1

Make a change to Skyrim and have it appear in-game.

Sounds familiar, huh? As always, I’m making sure I have all the tools I need and that I know how to use them, before getting into the meaty part of modding.

Without having started yet, I’m thinking the simplest possible change is to add an instance of an item to the gameworld, or possibly renaming a minor NPC*. We’ll all see this time next week!


*renamed to Dongs Washington, of course.



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