Screwed Up

I have a problem in my life that isn’t worth fixing. Specifically, I have some stools in my apartment held together with screws but I don’t have a screwdriver that can satisfactorily screw them into their holes. That’s because what I have is a ratchet head screwdriver with interchangeable heads, but the actual heads aren’t long enough to fasten a screw all the way into the fairly deep and angled screwholes without getting stopped by the sides.

I’d like to get a regular screwdriver- like the one in the banner picture- but the only place I’ve looked for them only had the “normal” type in a giant set of 50 tools for something like 30 bucks. I’m sure that’s a marvellous bargain, but its overkill if I only ever need one piece of the set.

Actually, I suppose the biggest problem with this situation is that every time a new screw falls out, I take a minute to fix it as best I can, knowing it’ll fall out again in another 2 months. But it’s so quick to do a bodgejob that I’m just not willing to spend the hour or so and $5 to find a proper screwdriver somewhere: I’d have to do 60 quickfixes before it takes more time and in the meantime I’m 5 bucks richer. But I know I could solve this permanently, and that’s kind of annoying.

But not annoying enough to do anything other than complain on a blog.



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