Modding Skyrim #3

My modding projects have been going swimmingly so far, but it’s time for that to come to an end. Sadly, the goals for Week 2 of my Skyrim modmaking have not been met. Read on for the grisy details…

To recap, the goals from last week -or with the delay, 10 days ago -were

Goals for Week 2

  • Add a new NPC…
  • …who gives you a Quest…
  • …which takes you to a new location.

I’m reporting a partial success here. Adding a new NPC and placing him in the world is maybe 2 minute’s work, and building a basic dungeon was surprisingly easy too. Skyrim has a tile-based dungeon system, so snapping together the prefab pieces was a breeze. It was even fairly simple to then add lighting effects, decorations and even an enemy. It’ll take a lot more polishing and tweaking time than I invested to make good looking NPCs and locations, but as a proof of concept I’m happy enough.


The entrance is the ladder on the right, the yellow M is a Skeleton spawn and behind that on the table is a very special bucket…

However, the quest design system is….not as user-friendly. I kept it simple: good ol’ Dongs Washington says hello, asks if you can retrieve his lost bucket- you can either accept or decline – and that’s as far as I got. The design document (which is entirely in my head for stuff this simple, but I am putting together notes as to what I want in the actual quest mod!) then called for the player to go into the dungeon I’d made, the entrance of which is right next to the Dongs, pick up the bucket and complete the quest by talking to Dongs again.



Poor Dongs stands there, unbucketed.


The particular part I was tripping up on was adding the scripting to the bucket to advance the quest when it was picked up. Despite copying from the example code in the tutorial, it was failing to compile and I’m not familiar enough with Papyrus (the coding language used here) to understand why, nor have I had the spare time to puzzle it out yet. Luckily, the rest of this week I do have the time to devote to this, so the goals for Week 3 (or more simply just this Friday) are:

Goals for Week 3

  • Finish Dong’s Epic quest for the Bucket and get it working properly.


I will get that man the bucket he craves!


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