Break The Mould

Today, the first song I heard after waking up was All Star by Smash Mouth, which is very disorienting because the 2000s taught me to associate that with the ending of wacky comedy films. For the rest of the day, I’m going to have the nagging feeling that a hilarious series of hijinks happened around me while I was asleep. I’m sure there’s a German word for that.

In blog news, you may have noticed there was no Monday post. I had some real life things to attend to and also Civ 6 was released, so I played that when I wasn’t busy instead of writing words. Sorry about that, but the disappointment train doesn’t stop there! I also have to announce the exciting Modding Friday series of posts is on hiatus for now. I know that’s a big disappointment for everyone, including me.

Partly, the pause is the fault of Civ 6’s ongoing effort to suck all my free time into its turn-based maw, but mostly because since last Friday I’ve worked out why the official modding website is down: Bethesda are getting ready for the Skyrim Legendary Edition which is out soonish and will require an updated way of doing things, i.e. a new Creation Kit. It’s likely won’t be drastically different but old and new mods won’t be compatible due to a change in the game architecture. I’ll be getting the Legendary Edition on launch, so hopefully Skyrim modding can resume shortly after. I’ll keep you updated.


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