Ostrich Facts

I haven’t been up to anything intriguingly new lately but there was another earthquake around here and that is the signal that it is time for more BIRD FACTS. This time: Ostriches!

  1. Ostriches can’t fly!
  2. As such, they do feel earthquakes but they live in Africa so probably didn’t notice this one
  3. Ostriches are the largest living birds, about 2m tall.
  4. That means Ostrich eggs are the largest eggs too.
  5. Ostriches live in the same place as lions but have not all been eaten.
  6. Actually, they’ve been known to kill lions when defending nests.
  7. Ostriches are really, really fast (~70 km/h).
  8. So you can’t outrun an Ostrich and you can’t outfight it.
  9. Ostriches do not stick their heads in sand to avoid danger, that’s a myth!
  10. Maybe it would work for you though? Give it a try if you ever have to face an Ostrich in combat.

I hope you enjoyed these facts!


One thought on “Ostrich Facts

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