Looks Like Mods Back On The Menu, Boys!

You may remember that once upon a time back when mammoths ruled the ice that this blog had a Skyrim modding feature. You may also recall that I was pausing this project until I knew what was going on with the conversion to the new version of Skyrim. Well, I kept an eye on Steam and checked the official modding website occasionally, but no new mod tools appeared and the site stayed down. This week, I probed deeper by asking the sages at Google what the deal was.

The answers revealed unto me showed that instead of sticking with Steam integration, Bethesda have chosen to do everything on their own website this time around. It seems that they’ve done this to make it easier for people who want to mod the console versions of the game, which is likely why I missed it completely. As for why the official tutorial site is broken despite still being relevant…who knows?

Luckily, my pre-release speculation about the old and new Skyrim mod tools being incompatible was overly pessimistic. From what I’ve seen, people are reporting that for everything except the most complicated mods, just loading it into the new Creation Kit and saving it in the new format is enough.

So, what does this all mean for my exciting mod journey then? For now, I’m going to resume learning how to use the Creation Kit for old Skyrim; I’ve found a few replacement sites/blogs that teach you how to make scripts already. That means the goal for next Friday is to complete the tutorial quest I detailed all the way back in Modding Skyrim #3. Once that’s done, it’ll be time to decide whether to proceed with the actual mod in NuSkyrim or Skyrim Classic.


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