8 Things You Have To Know About Civ 6 Or You’re A Bad Parent (Number 4 Is Amazingly Mundane!)

At the risk of turning this blog into nothing but a series of listicles (Mother Nature must really be enjoying the Bird Facts or there wouldn’t be so many earthquakes), here’s some fancy tips and tricks I’d like to share with you to help you get the most out of playing Civ 6.

Read on to maximise your Fun Efficiency!

  1. Despite what might be implied about the videogame Sid Meier’s Civilization 6, you are actually allowed to buy a copy for yourself, they do not all belong to this “Sid” character.
  2. As the game draws from history, some of the names that appear will be unfamiliar! To avoid looking like a fool remember that Scythia is pronounced “Scythia”.
  3. From the very start of the game, press buttons until the victory screen appears.
  4. Use your cities to produce new units, buildings or projects.
  5. Each improved luxury resource type is only good for +1 amenity in up to 4 cities. Extra copies of the same luxury should be traded.
  6. Don’t neglect religion! Faith may seem less important than science or production, but the bonuses from a well-tailored religion can be significant, also you can call it “Farts” and spread Farts around the world and that is funny.
  7. Getting the overlapping effect of an Industrial Zone factory on multiple cities is more important than placing it for adjacency bonuses.
  8. Going for a Science Victory? Make sure you have a stockpile of nukes so you can irradiate all the losers left on Earth the turn before you blast off. It’s tradition.


Congratulations, you are now a qualified Civilization 6 Master! Add it to your CV or resume in pride of place immediately.


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