Welcome To 2017

It’s now January 2017 and as the great prophecy foretold, I have returned to this blog. I had an excellent break for the holidays, I hope you did too! I had a lovely time with family over Christmas, travelled around for a bit and did some other good stuff that was fun but not blog-worthy. I’m quite pleased 2017 is going so well so far because “2017” is an extremely cyberpunk number and that sits well with me. It’s the 7, I think. 7 is very cyber.

I did make some time for media based entertainments as well, so here’s the quick digest of what I’ve done in that field since the last post

In videogaming, the winter sales were good to me. I ended up getting Watch Dogs 2, which turned out to be just as much Hackers: The Videogame But Set In 2017 Not The 80s as I’d hoped. A genuinely fun and playful game that I enjoyed my time with.

I was gifted Space Marine, a game where you are a Space Marine and kill your way through a horde of Orkz, with a special guest appearance by the forces of Chaos because every Warhammer game has the exact same plot. An absolutely average game, but it captured the essence of being a Space Marine well and squishing baddies just by charging through them had a certain charm. At 12 or so hours to finish it didn’t outstay it’s welcome.

Finally, I Entered A World Of Assassination with Hitman: The New One With No Subtitle. I’ve posted before about how much I enjoy this series’ particular brand of puzzle based murder and this entry is the best yet. Still playing this, but I suspect I’ll be gushing over it further in a later post.


Moving on to TV, I’m nearly done with Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23, a cancelled show from a few years back which I’m quite sure failed solely because it had a stupid title. It’s a sitcom about a naive midwestern girl who moves to New York and ends up living with an amusing sociopath and her wacky friends. It’s actually not as terrible or cliched as I make it out to be and most importantly does have some good jokes in it. Most of the really funny ones are at the expense of Celebrity Friend James Van Der Beek, someone I’d never heard of previously but it turns out he is a real person. However, if you’ve only got time in your life to watch one comedy with that exact premise (and you do), then Broad City is far better so watch that instead.

I also finally finished Star Wars The Clone Wars, which never fixed any of the problems I talked about in my post about it. It also lost one of it’s main characters near the end, which didn’t do it any favours, if I remember it right the last episodes of an “‘epic'” 6-season storyline were Jar Jar Binks and Samuel L Jackson on a buddy cop adventure for entire 2 episodes followed by Yoda on a spirit quest.

That second bit sounds like an interesting story, but as a 900 year old super wise jedi I was expecting him to be really good at spirit quests. There was a section where Yoda was trying to meditate super hard to get in touch with the living force or somesuch and the Jedi council decided to use the super hi-tech meditation tank. Yoda gets in, starts meditating and meanwhile I am rolling my eyes so hard at how dumb and out of character it is. Seconds later, Yoda gives up on the tank, pretends to be resting, borrows Anakin’s ship and sneaks off to a place naturally strong with the living force to meditate (Dagobah, in fact). This is because as a 900 year old super wise jedi he is in fact really good at spirit quests. I was quite pleased they didn’t betray the character for the sake of a plot contrivance, but sadly that did mean the episodes themselves weren’t very good as there wasn’t any doubt he’d win. I suppose the heavy foreshadowing in the episodes would have been a lot more compelling if I hadn’t seen how it all ended up a decade ago when I watched Episode 3. And that is the Clone War’s major problem: they’re heavily embedded in the Star Wars prequels and those are so baaaad.

But hey, I hear Rebels season 3 is even better than the first 2 seasons, so at least the only way was up!


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