The Skyrim Speedway: Part 2

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Last time on Skyrim Speedrunning: a new Orc hero emerged from the ashes of a dragon attack. Now ludicrously overlevelled, are his dragon problems over? The Skyrim achievement list indicates “No.”

Let’s see how we break the game this time.

We left Orc Orcersson at the Ritual Stones, where we find him celebrating good fortune as nearly 99,900 gold coins have “mysteriously” found their way into his inventory. Huh, finding just a few more will get us the “Rich” achievement. How about that.

It’s clear to me that his starter dungeon clothes are unsuitable for a rich Orc like him, he needs fancy custom made armour! And of course, the ultra rich don’t shop in general stores like the peasantry.


No, they shop in pocket dimensions of reality. Like this one, which has literally every single item in the game. Also it’s less shopping and more taking, but let’s not argue semantics! There’s a bunch of quest items as well as armour here too, but I’m wary of breaking scripts so Orc will just leave them well alone.

Done with equipping, Orc takes the complimentary teleport back to the stones. A quick detour into a bandit held mine gets us progress towards locations found, dungeons cleared, an ore vein mined AND by good fortune the loot chest at the end randomly has Meridia’s Beacon in it. That’s the first step in a quest for a Daedric Artifact, of which we need 15. Orc also finds 100 gold lying around and is awarded an achievement for his outstanding effort.

Moving on to the town we have a chat with the blacksmith as the main quest suggests. And as we’re here, we might as well use Orc’s incredible smithing skill to improve his newly acquired gear the best it can be. Well, best it can be for now, but really that’s enough messing around for one session. Orc also takes the time to cook a delicious salmon meal. Unfortunately, all this zipping about and not listening to him bugs out the blacksmith, who forgets to tell us to go to the city of Whiterun. Oh well, there’s more than one way to slay a dragon and as it’s really past time to move on, we’re going to the general store. Turns out you can’t fight fate, Orc.

The shopkeeper there needs a doohicky from a nearby ruin, which is also the first stop on the main quest. We need to get those dragons flying to steal their souls and use them to unlock shouts, so starting the main quest is a priority. So lets just zip over to the ruin in question…oh a wood chopping block.


It seems despite his power and wealth, Orc Orcersson remains humble at heart. Hard Worker achievement for us! No time to reflect though, onward!  After that the rest of Bleak Falls Barrow is easily cleared by sprinting to the end and largely ignoring enemies. We pick up the artifact and learn our first word in Dragon!


Exiting the dungeon, we waste no time and teleport to the gates of Whiterun. The gates are a busy place! We kill a giant and get invited to the Companion’s Guild, a courier hands us a pile of letters inviting us to start a bunch of side quest and vampires are attacking. After murdering them, another orc asks us if we’d like to be vampire hunters. Sure, why not- but first, the city.

A quick chat to the Jarl about dragons later, we give the Bleak Falls artifact to the court wizard, earning us our final achievement for the session. Then a dragon attacks. We’ll deal with that next time.

Time Elapsed: 1hr 16m

Achievement Progress: 10/75

Good progress, but the dungeon enemies were slowing me down by not dying in one hit. I think we can do something about that next time…


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