The Skyrim Speedway: Part 4

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Previously on not playing Skyrim properly: we did a bit of the main quest, enough to get dragons spawning for their oh-so-useful souls. It’s time to leave the main quest alone for a bit, although we’ll need to do the whole thing eventually.

Actually, one of the few missable achievements in the game is the main quest blocking one of the civil war achievements so we have to do the civil war questline before returning to the main quest. But before THAT…

The civil war quests involve killing a lot of low level soldiers. Werewolves need a lot of corpses to feed on in order to level up their werewolfness. If friendly soldiers see us transforming into a terrifying werewolf they will try to fight us, thus producing even more corpses to feed on! Ingenious, I do say.

Care will be needed with this plan of course, as there’s certain NPCs that it would be a bad idea to let know about our secret werewolfyness. That’s why you should always keep a rotating series of save files when playing Skyrim so it’s not too difficult just to roll back to an earlier point if you mess up and get stuck fighting an unkillable NPC.

Anyway, to unleash the beast we need to join the Companions, located in Whiterun. They’re a guild of honourable mercenaries with a ~shameful secret~, which is the werewolf thing obviously. First though, a detour to a different standing stone which grants us a 25% resist magic bonus. I also put a few perk points into alteration magic to boost that to a total of 55%. Probably 55% anyway, for some asinine reason there’s no screen that says “here is your total magic resist” and one is “+30 points” while the other is “+25%”, but whatever.


Here’s the magic effects screen. When I get around to doing enchanting I can get us up to max magic resist, but it doesn’t seem important right now. Oh, in the background is a clown having wagon troubles we met near Whiterun. Orc helped him on his way and I’m sure we will never meet him again. Onward!

The gates of Whiterun are, as ever, busy. This time we get attacked by weird cultists, accosted by dudes in turbans and jumped by hired thugs- hired thugs hired by a bandit thug, no less! Orc took the time to learn how to blacksmith at the smithy this all took place outside of just to calm down a little (also to tick off one of the misc. quests we need).


Finally we reach the glorious halls of the Companions. They let Orc in, of course. Who wouldn’t? It takes a while to get through the first few quests (go here and kill a thing, mostly). After Orc has proved his might and honour to the Companions (by going places and killing things), they reveal their ~terrible curse~ and immediately offer to share it. Anyone sane would turn that offer down, but we want that achievement and also there’s literally no other way to progress in this guild, so…we have to.


One blood ritual later, yay we’re a werewolf. It is a singularly unimpressive ability, to the point where I’m so much weaker in combat as a werewolf that it’s far easier to kill everything normally then transform solely to hoover up the bodies. It does look cool though!


Might as well finish off the Companions questline as we’re this far along. This involves fighting against werewolf hunters for the most part, so excellent work keeping your ~dreadful burden~ secret, morons. If you guessed that the questline ends up with Orc curing the Companions of werewolfyness, then give yourself a prize!


After our triumphant vanquishing of the ghosts of the Companion’s past mistakes – which you’ll notice were represented by literal ghosts – we become chief Companion because why not. We’ve got all three achievements from the questline and don’t need to talk to anyone here for the werewolf progression, so time to leave and never return. Good choice of leader, idiots.

…I’m not a fan of the Companions, you may have noticed.

Time Elapsed: 3hr 48m

Achievement Progress: 16/75

Slowed down a little this session, lots of waiting for NPCs to finish talking or walking, plus I had to run through every dungeon twice: once to kill, once to feed. About a third there with werewolf stuff, I reckon. There’s no in-game way to tell. Of course.


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