The Skyrim Speedway: Part 5

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So far, heroic hero Orc Orcersson has escaped from his own execution, killed a dragon, studied incredibly briefly under the ancient masters of dragonshouting and become the greatest most honourable fighter/secret werewolf in the land in less than 4 hours. But onwards, ever onwards!

Skyrim is wracked by a civil war. Let’s do something about that, hmmm?

Leaving behind those dopes in the Companions, we head directly to the capital of Skyrim, snowy Solitude. The Imperial Legion is headquartered here, so of course we enthusiastically join up. First though, we run into a beggar who babbles on about his “master” and hands us… a hipbone? Strange, but we’ll deal with that madness later.

Instead of the Legion, we could have thrown our lot in with the Stormcloaks instead. However, their policy of “Skyrim is for the Nords” isn’t appealing to Orc Orcersson, who is not a Nord but an Orc. That said, while joining the Stormcloaks is right out because of that and also because they’re racist morons destabilising the region largely because they can’t see they’re being manipulated by the evil Thalmor, it is a trifle awkward to be signing on with the same General who ordered your execution.


Evidently this whole “criminal sentenced to death” thing is a bit of a sticking point for them as well because they won’t actually let us join the Legion until we clear a fort of bandits for them.

On the way to the fort, we get a little bit sidetracked, as is the norm in this game. Remember the Beacon we picked up in the first dungeon? Meridia – Daedric Lord of being really against the undead- has her shrine on the way. Using the there Beacon summons her for a chat, and being a bit of a showoff, Meridia prefers to communicate by lifting us hundreds of metres into the air to talk to her glowing face.


Sadly, Orc can’t see his house from here. As always, her shrine has been overrun by undead, which Meridia finds quite irksome. We help out by rekilling all those pesky spirits and guiding her magical laser beam to the end of her temple. It’s a simple task to Orc and she duly rewards us with her sword, Dawnbreaker. It’s not useful to us but it is a Daedric artifact, so that’s an achievement!

Finally, we reach the fort and exterminate all the bandits with extreme prejudice. Also a werewolf eats all their corpses in a probably unrelated incident.

Returning to the Fortress Of Solitude (actually named Castle Dour) they let us take the oath to join the Legion. Finally a full member, we get another achievement for picking our side and get sent on our first real mission. The Stormcloaks have found the location of the Jagged Crown, an ancient symbol of the Skyrim High King. Obviously, the Empire would quite like that symbol to not be in the hands of a rebel pretender to the throne, so Orc joins a task force to capture it. Basically, violent competitive archaeology.


Orc changes into his Imperial -issue armour for a quick photoshoot with his fellow Legionnaires at the ruins before launching a surprise attack. And by “surprise attack” I mean it was a surprise to both sides, the Imperial guys aren’t even done with their pre-battle speeches before Orc is through the outside defenders and inside the ruin. The rest of the Stormcloak military crumbles at Orc’s assault, aided very very slightly by the Imperial soldiers when they catch up. One short running battle later and the Crown is out of Stormcloak hands. In fact, it’s in our hands. The thing that High Kings wear. Hmmm…..


Wow, doesn’t that look regal?! Orc is definitely adding “High King Of Skyrim” to his resume.

Time Elapsed: 4hr 27m

Achievement Progress: 18/75

Next time: His Majesty finishes ending the civil war.


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