The Skyrim Speedway: Part 7

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Previously on this thing: The retired High King Of Skyrim, Dragonborn and delinquent Harbinger of the Companions Orc Orcersson became a war hero for his brave actions at the Battle Of Whiterun. But the war isn’t over yet….

Immediately after returning to Solitude with news of the successful capture of the North, Orc is sent out to do the same thing but to the Southeast. We’re off to Riften then, a wretched hive of scum and villainy. This is largely nothing to do with the fact the Thieve’s Guild is headquartered there; those guys are useless. Instead, it’s all down to the corrupting influence of a mafia-esque family who have a stranglehold on the place.


The canal/open sewer in the middle of town probably doesn’t help any either. We’ll be back to deal with the Thieves later, we’re only stopping in the city proper to pick up a quest from the Temple of Mara there. It’s to do with spreading love across the land which of course is it’s own reward. Oh wait, actually the reward is a fairly nice magic resist boost. Yeah, that’s better.


The Rift region is much nicer than the city of Riften, being mostly autumnal forest. We report to the Imperial camp in the area and find out how we’re going to be taking down those terrible Stormcloaks!

…Well, as it turns out we’re taking them down by blackmailing the city Steward, who has ties to organized crime (again, not the Thieves’ Guild. Better organized crime) that would be a scandal if exposed. This is a sneaking mission!


Orc is extremely good at sneaking. Confronted with mycrimes.txt, the Steward gives up the location of a Stormcloak arms convoy which we make very short work of. I appreciated that the Imperial troops assigned to the attack had come up with a plan, but I was free to tell them “Yeah, just stay here and let me do it”. I often think that during missions with AI help, so it was nice to be able to actually say it in-game!

With the convoy seized, predictably the next step is to assault a fort. After a few minutes of one-shot-killing poor Stormcloaks, the fort is Imperial and the Rift is taken. This gets us the “War Hero” achievement, so it’s official now!


Orc takes a detour on the way back to HQ to do part one of the Mara quest. Executive Summary: if you tell a lady you like her, she might then know you like her and love will bloom in the cabbage patch! With those two saved from solitude, Orc proceeds to… Solitude. Huh.

The next step is the same as the previous ones. Orc is sent to Winterhold Hold (that’s how the game said it!) to take the region back, this time by freeing prisoners from a fort to take it from the inside so at least the whole malarkey was in one location this time. As a side note, we never actually went anywhere near the city of Winterhold during the liberation, keeping at least one mountain range between us and it at all times. We’ll end up there for the Mage’s Guild quests later, so no big deal.

To follow up on the successful fort attack, Orc is sent to….attack a fort. This presents exactly as much of an obstacle as the previous ones; i.e. none at all. This fort is in Windhelm’s territory though, so next up is attacking the rebel capital.


It’s a lovely day to crush an insurgency!

Time Elapsed: 5hr 48m

Achievement Progress: 20/75

Next time: No more forts, if we’re lucky. Also dragons?


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