The Skyrim Speedway: Part 11

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The story so far: Lovable scamp Orc Orcersson has killed wolves, dragons, bandits, ghosts, skeletons, necromancers and some dude’s immortal soul. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but let’s add to it anyway!

With the Thieves’ Guild questline on hold, Orc is at a loose end. There’s a lot to choose from though, we still have to complete 2 Guild Questlines, the remains of the Main Quest, the Daedra Artefacts, the Dawnguard DLC or we could leave Skyrim to do the Dragonborn DLC. Or we could build a fancy mansion.

Orc decides it’s time to do something about all this dragon infestation. The last time we did anything about that, the Greybeards sent us to recover a Horn from a tomb as a test?

The tomb of Ustengrav is in the swampy bit near Solitude and by complete coincidence reaching it grants us the Achievement for finding 100 locations! The ruin itself is filled with the usual assortment of traps and Draugr, but in the way of most “important” locations has a little extra going on, in this case evil necromancers trying to do necromancy things to the Draugr. They’re having limited success, especially once Orc kills them all.

As an aside, the Draugr in this game have a very cool design to them that looks very similar to the White Walkers from Game of Thrones. So similar that I have to assume they’re both drawing from a common inspiration or the GoT guys would have been sued by now. Here’s one charging Orc.


We make it past the enemies and puzzles to the end room, but someone has beaten us to the Horn. They didn’t trigger these pillars rising from the water though, so Orc at least has that!


Orc also gets a note saying to meet the Horn thief in Riverwood, aka Starter Town. Before going there, Orc a mysterious werewolf unconnected to Orc eats all the necromancers, in doing so eating enough hearts to unlock the “can eat animal hearts” perk. This is cause for a celebratory rampage around the swamp, killing and eating EVERYTHING in it.


This includes a nearby Stormcloak camp, except the commander who is inexplicably invincible despite the Civil War quest being finished. Skyrim, everybody!

Finished with that, we head over to Riverwood. As it’s the first settlement we’ve been in for a while, the game goes a little nuts spawning things. There’s a vampire attack that gets a few townsfolk, a thief fighting guards and a courier who shows up before the last vampire is even killed to hand Orc an inheritance from one of the victims. Anyway, the mysterious contact is Delphine of the village pub, who turns out to be very interested in Dragonborns. As we are one, we agree to prove it by killing a Dragon and she agrees to prove she knows things by showing us one to kill.

The dragon burial site is just south of Windhelm, and as we arrive Alduin (the big dragon from the start of the game) is raising the long-dead dragon from his grave!


It’s an impressive sequence, the dragon emerges as a skeleton before flesh coalesces onto it. Immediately, Orc reverses the process, triggering one of the cool killcams as he does. It doesn’t look quite as good in a static screenshot, but I tried:


Suitably impressed, Delphine reveals she is a member of the Blades, formerly the Emperor’s bodyguards turned outlaws hunted by the Thalmor (the jerk elf Nazis behind the Civil War, if you remember). She reckons the dragons coming back is way too convenient for them and suggests we hit their base all sneaky like to find out if they’re behind it.

First though, Orc stops by High Hrothgar to give the Horn to the Greybeards. All four of them are very excited to be given the Horn by Orc, and express their pleasure by formally recognizing Orc as Dragonborn and teaching him the last word of Unrelenting Force. All three words of a shout means an achievement!

Orc heads to Solitude to attend this fancy party for the rich and powerful at the Thalmor place. First, we have to give all our weapons and armour to an inside man to be smuggled past security.


Ready to go!


Delphine disagreed and made us wear this instead. The infiltration lasted only as long as strictly necessary, because although Orc is very good at sneaking, the major goal here is dead elf Nazis.


We find the evidence we need in their torture chamber, because they are the sort of organization to have a torture chamber. The Thamor are as clueless about dragons as the Blades are, but they are tracking a former Blade who is a dragon expert, currently hiding out in Riften.

We get the Diplomatic Immunity achievement for finishing that quest, then Delphine suggests we go find the dude before the Thalmor do. Orc, you get to go back into the sewers! How do you feel about that?


Just think happy thoughts, Orc.

Time Elapsed: 10hr 38m

Achievement Progress: 28/75

Next time: Sewers, crazy hobos and rats.


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