In the past 2 weeks, I was lucky enough to be given a whole bunch of little puzzle games that I’ve been playing. Some were good – Human Resource Machine and Mini Metro are excellent- while some were not so good – Luna’s Wandering Stars has a neat idea but poor controls and an obnoxious narrator.

The thing is though, I’m still playing the last two. And I do kind of wonder why.

Actually, I know exactly why. See, I have a certain attitude towards playing games. You may well have noticed in previous blog posts that I’m definitely a completionist: if I decide a game is good enough to play then I tend to do everything in it. So while Human Resource Machine was an fun experience now completed, the other two are still installed, because they have a bunch of optional challenges that are really hard, but I reckon doable with enough attempts.

This attitude can be a problem. I’m playing these games long after I might otherwise have stopped, simply because there are unchecked boxes on a list that honestly, really doesn’t matter.

I have a whole heap of games that I consider to be actively in progress that I haven’t actually played in ages. I have a playthrough of Pillars of Eternity about halfway done that I need to go back to, but I keep putting it off because that’s a very complicated game and I’d have to relearn how to fight and what I was doing. I have a save of Stardew Valley where I need to complete a few end-game things that I keep putting off because it’s largely based on sinking time into things with a random chance of giving me the right reward. I want to play as every Civ in Civ 6, but games of Civ take ages and I have so many other things to do! I have completed one runthrough of cyberpunk adventure game 2064:Read Only Memories but haven’t done it again to see the other paths even though it would only take a few hours.

I want to state at this point that it’s not a problem of me being lazy, although I’m not not saying that’s a factor… However, I think some of it is mostly a symptom of modern gaming. I can safely put off Stardew because it’s likely to get new content, at which point I’ll jump back in to do that and the stuff I have left. Civ 6 is a lot more fun when you can play AND hangout with other players, so I’ll tick off leaders as and when other people are free for multiplayer games.

As for the other two, I literally just finished 2064 last weekend so it probably is a little too early to play it through again; adventure games don’t alter much with different approaches so yes, it only takes a few hours to go through but I’ll appreciate those few hours better if there’s more of a gap between playthroughs. Pillars seems like a big job to relearn now, but once I decide to give it a shot I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it again quickly. In fact, writing this post as actually serving as motivation (I shouldn’t be surprised, blogging is working a treat for playing Skyrim!) as I’m thinking about PoE and remembering I only stopped because I was getting confused playing it and Divinity at the same time. Ironically enough though, the same co-op buddy I played Divinity with got me back into Path Of Exile yesterday, the other overcomplicated game I play with the exact same acronym, so I’ll probably be playing that instead…

Also, completing a game by my standards doesn’t mean I won’t touch it again. I still play GTA for the multiplayer, and I have plenty to do in Hitman despite reaching 100% in it on Steam.

On the whole, I’m ok with the completionist tendancies. It sometimes means I put a lot of extra time into games that don’t really deserve it, but it also means I’m a lot choosier about the games I play, which saves a lot of money on dud purchases! And ultimately, although I try to 100% everything I am completely ok with not getting there on most games. Honestly, you’d have to be crazy otherwise.


Oh, and if anyone knows how to get all 3 gold asteroids on Mars 13 or Uranus 11 in Luna’s Wandering Stars, let me know. The Internet is oddly quiet on this game and those levels are some of the few real holdouts I still need.




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