The Skyrim Speedway: Part 16

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On the last instalment of the Speedway, Orc was making ill-advised deals with Daedric Princes! That still seem like great plan, so lets find some more!

We ended last time in Whiterun after having gone on a bender around the province. While chatting to the bartender, they mentioned that the Jarl’s kids were weird. That’s enough for Orc to march right up to him and ask about his weird kids. Rather than be offended, the Jarl just says “Yep, oldest son is weird. Talk to him, why don’t you?”

The kid is indeed weird, and happily tells us he gets it from a strange door in the basement. Orc takes a look, and indeed the door is strange. Doors don’t usually talk, after all.


Oh, it’s a Daedric Prince slumming it. Specifically it’s Mephala, Daedric Prince of Secrets (side note: they’re all Princes, even the ones that always appear female). She tells us that an artefact of great power is locked behind the door, and it’s a very simple matter to pickpocket the Jarl for the key. Behind the door is the Ebony Blade. It’s not great right now but it can be powered up further with “blood of betrayal”- i.e. murdering a follower with it. However, Orc’s a mace user and we got the Daedric artefact credit already, so we’re just going to go ahead and forget about it.

Next up, we got a tip about a stray dog wandering near Falkreath.


Barbas is an oddly chatty dog. He’s fairly upfront that he’s an outcast minion of Clavicus Vile, Daedric Prince of…I’m not actually sure. Bad deals, perhaps. Whatever he is, the dog leads us to his Shrine, so we can beg Vile to take him back. The Shrine is overrun with vampires and after clearing them out, we get an audience with Vile.


He’ll consider letting Barbas back if we retrieve a powerful axe, so off we go to the far north. On the way, we spot an strange castle out to sea.


We’ll be back here later. Getting the axe is a short dungeon crawl and we’re shortly back at the Vile Shrine. After a little bit of negotiation, we hand over the axe, Barbas is reunited with is master and we get given the Masque of Clavicus Vile, a hat Orc will never use.


Happy endings for all!

Moving onward to the next Daedra, in the Reach Mountains near Markarth we run into a catman at a Shrine to Peyrite. The Khajiit in this game are near universally chill dudes that are easy to like and this one’s no different, even if he is trying to bring plague to the world in the service of the Daedric Prince of Pestilence.


After inhaling a bunch of frankly dodgy looking fumes, we get in touch with Peyrite. He has a bunch of infected people in a dwemer ruin led by one of his High Priests, but said High Priest has displeased him. Orc and his summoned Daedra Lord buddies rampage through the Infected and occasional dwemer constructs before easily dispatching the ill-fated worshipper. Peyrite doesn’t seem to mind all his infected followers are dead and hands over the Spellbreaker, a shield that also gives magic resistance.

Heading into town, in Markarth city proper one of the Vigilants of Stendarr flags us down outside an abandoned house.


These guys hunt down Daedra worshippers and rogue conjurers, so it’s probably a good thing he can’t tell Orc has nearly a dozen of the most powerful Daedric artefacts in the world stuffed in his pockets. Anyway, he asks us to check out the house with him. Immediately after entering, a voice in Orc’s head tells him to kill the weakling. Listening to voices in his head has never gone wrong before, so OK! The voice tells us the reward is in the bowels of the house – or cellar if you’re not trying to be weird an ominious – and indeed there’s this completely innocent looking altar there.


Of course, there’s always a catch. The altar is a trap and captures us, while the mysterious voice reveals himself to be Molag Bal, Daedric Prince of Being Evil. He’s been having some issues recently as a priest in the service rival Prince Boethia has been dropping by the altar to defile it. If we bring him the priest, he will totally for real actually reward us this time, swearsies.

The priest has got himself captured by Forsworn, and looks a lot like one of the Greybeards. It’s a simple matter to convince him we’re here to help, and shortly it’s him in the altar cage.


Huh, it looks a lot easier to escape from on the outside. After some gentle persuasion on the merits of serving Molag Bal, including being bludgeoned to death and brought back to life to be bludgeoned again, the priest converts. Then Molag instructs Orc to murder him permanently. He IS the Prince of Evil, after all.


We get a fancy new Mace Of Molag Bal in exchange. We’ll probably stick to the one made of dragon bits, but if we ever want to talk to our mace, this one has a face.

With all the Daedric Artefacts we picked up last time, we’re now up to 10 out of the 15 we need!

Time Elapsed: 16hr 26m

Achievement Progress: 34/75

Next time: The final five, plus talking to maces?


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