Desert Island MP3s #11

Part of the wildly popular DIMP3s series


The Alan Parsons Project – I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You

The idea of a sound engineer and a producer working on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon album and immediately afterward thinking to themselves “yeah, we could do that!” really, really tickles me. Especially considering…well, they were right. They could do that.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always liked The Alan Parsons Project. Our house growing up had the Ultimate Collection on CD and it got a lot of playtime.

The variety of songs on the Collection helped a lot with us not getting too bored of it. The fact with no permanent lead singer they could bring in a specific vocalist to fit the song gave the Project an amazing range of styles. A song about an Edgar Allan Poe story set in an insane asylum has wild vocals by none other than Arthur Brown, as in the Crazy World Of, while he much softer and gentler Blue Blue Sky features the mellow tone of 10cc lead Eric Stewart.

I still listen to Alan Parsons Project albums even now, as well as the solo Alan Parsons projects after the group split up. The fact they were fronted by a sound engineer meant that a lot of songs pioneered new techniques, so they sound a lot more modern than other bands from the period. it also meant the songs tended to have rich, complex soundscapes, which you may have noticed by now I approve of greatly. Actually, it’s entirely likely that growing up listening to this and Pink Floyd shaped that taste.

These traits means there’s a Project song for every occasion, and although as always I’ve tended towards the poppier side in the featured track I’d recommend seeking out something like the Ultimate Collection to hear the full range of what this band can do.



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