The Skyrim Speedway: Part 17

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The past two sessions, Daedric Dealmaker Orc Orcerrson has been hoovering up fragments of the Daedric Prince’s power in physical form like they’re Beanie Babies and he’s from the 90s. And by that tortured metaphor I mean he has a lot of Daedric artefacts, but there’s a few more out there. To take this to the 2000s: Gotta catch ’em all!

Ok, I promise never to write a paragraph that awful ever again.* While tooling around Markarth, Orc heard that the Hall Of The Dead was inexplicably closed. That sounds like daedric shenanigans, so let’s investigate! Talking to the priest in charge, we find out he closed the Hall because he discovered some of the interred bodies are being eaten! On hearing we’d like to investigate for him, he’s more than happy to let us past him. However, Orc goes inside too fast so the priest isn’t done talking: this drags him inside the Hall with us. This isn’t intended, so the spooky trip through a deserted crypt hearing voices from the air talking about secrets is kind of ruined by him telling us a voice line about how we’re trespassing every 15 seconds. Then, the voices stop and a cultist comes forward to talk to us about how we should give cannibalism a try. There is no way the priest doesn’t hear the entire conversation. Remember this for later.


The cultist is a follower of Namira, Daedric Prince of Cannibalism and would like us to clear out the shrine, which is overrun by Draugr, which are corpses but fight back too hard to eat. Once that’s done, the followers of Namira convene a little dinner party.


As the new boy, Orc has to provide the main course, which is going to be Priest a la Dungeon. Despite hearing everything about our newfound cannibal cultist status, the dude willing comes with us after a little bribing. It’s hard to feel bad about eating someone that dense, but Orc did wish they’d take the time to cook him. Anyway, Namira was pleased so that gets us a ring that boosts corpse-eating. It… doesn’t have much use.

Next on the list of weird occurences is Dawnstar, where everyone’s having recurring nightmares. A travelling priest is seeking help to investigate, so we sign up. He knows the disturbances are coming from nearby Nightcaller Tower, as is pretty obvious given the name of the place!


Once inside, it’s full of sleeping Vaermina cultists, servants of the Daedric Prince of Nightmares. Doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of benefits to being a follower of that, but Orc isn’t in a position to judge. Everyone inside is asleep because the tower was being invaded by Orcs intent on stopping the cult, so they released magic sleeping gas. Both sides wake up on approach and resume their interrupted battle, before Orc kills both sides seconds later. There’s also a magic forcefield that we have to get past by drinking a strange potion that sends us back in time in a dream.


You know, the usual magic tower stuff. It also turns out the priest knows so much about the tower because he used to be a Vaemina cultist. Once we reach the source of the nightmares, a voice tells us to kill the priest and take the artefact instead of destroy it. Sorry priest, it’s great you turned your life around but a voice said so!


To the surprise of no-one, that voice was Vaermina, and we get to keep the Skull Of Corruption. It’ll look nice hanging above a fireplace. Oh, and for some reason, despite helping the Daedric Prince responsible, the nightmares plaguing Dawnstar have stopped. Go Orc!

Next on the travel plan is Windhelm. On a cliff overlooking the city is the Sacelleum of Boethiah, Daedric Prince of Being Strong And Murdery.


It’s got a little arena for fighting to the death, a sinister altar and is permanently midnight. Charming! There’s nothing particularly hidden about this one, we walk straight up and have a chat with the High Priestess and they say if we want Boethiah’s favour, we need to sacrifice a follower on the altar. Simple enough. Orc could have hired a mercenary for 500 gold, but the cannibal lady said she’d travel with us after the priestfeast and well, she IS a cannibal. Besides, sacrificing priests of one Prince to another is tradition. I think we did it in the Molag Bal quest as well.


After the sacrifice, Boethiah possesses the corpse and tells the assembled cult that the only way to really gain his favour is a battle royale.


This was a very fair battle royale as they all had the same equipment. Well, except for Orc. they didn’t enforce that for Orc. Or the rule about no summoning daedra warriors. Hey…did Orc cheat? Oh well, Boethiah doesn’t care and tells us where the reward is: it’s on a bandit chief in a cave. Gee, thanks.


Looks snazzy though!

On the way to the next quest, Orc clears a bandit camp on behalf of the Jarl of Falkreath. As a reward, he graciously allows us to buy land in the hold, which we promptly do. This gets us the “landowner” achievement and the ability to build a manor, which we’ll do later.

In the jail of Falkreath is a man who killed a little girl. On questioning, we discover it’s because he’s a werewolf who stole a ring from Hircine, Daedric Prince of the Hunt. The ring was supposed to be able to control his transformations, but Hircine was bit miffed it was nicked, so he cursed it to transform the guy randomly and with uncontrollable bloodlust. As a werewolf himself an expert in werewolves himself, Orc is a bit puzzled by this as he knows heard they only transforms when he they want to and don’t need to kill? Not sure what problem the uncursed ring was supposed to solve here. Well, a cursed artefact is good enough, so we tell the guy we’ll take it off his hands.

As soon as we do, it force equips itself and can’t be taken off. Also, the dude transforms and immediately breaks out of jail by scaling a vertical wall. Sure would be handy if Orc unrelated werewolves got to do that too! While the cursed ring doesn’t do the bloodlust thing for us, it does still have the randomly triggers transformation part. As Orc absolutely is NOT a werewolf, this obviously will have no effect whatsoever and there is no risk of a disastrous transformation in front of say, a whole bunch of guards. Orc simply wishes to uncurse the artefact to uh, bring that guy to justice! Yeah! With great speed!

To find out where he is, we’ll have to commune with Hircine by hunting his Aspect, which by coincidence is hanging around the plot of land Orc just bought. It’s a ghostly stag!


The Aspect points us to a cave near Whiterun and mentions Hircine would be quite pleased if we skinned the werewolf guy for him. And lo, inside we find the guy! He pleads with us to save him from hunters, but just look at this:



As Hircine wanted, Orc skins him alive. Hircine appears, declares himself satisfied, turns the skin into magic armour and disappears.


It’s doesn’t really fit Orc’s personal style sadly, but it’s nifty nonetheless.

This leaves us with only one Daedric quest to go, and it’s in the same place the Main Quest sent us to before we got sidetracked on this artefact hunt. To the frozen north we go!

Time Elapsed: 17hr 43m

Achievement Progress: 35/75

Next time: Back on that Main Quest kick.

*Promise not valid on Earth


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