A Bridge Not Too Far Enough

Have you ever considered just how impressive a feat of engineering a large bridge is? Because they are extremely impressive pieces of engineering. Think about it, they have to hold thousands of tons of weight (which shifts around with traffic patterns), deal with high winds, underwater supports and corrosion and last for decades or more.

On top of that, they have to look good too! Well, they don’t have to but a lot of them do. But if you asked me “Do you have a favourite bridge?”….well, I don’t know.

I suppose picking a bridge just because it’s iconic isn’t a good reason. I used the Brooklyn Bridge as the post image because it’s one of the most famous bridges in the world (also pleasingly solid-looking) but I’ve never been on it so how could it be my favourite? Sticking to bridges I personally have crossed, my favourite could be a tiny plank bridge across a stream I played on in my Aunt’s garden growing up.

On the other hand, a single plank isn’t too impressive to anyone else. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge was impressive, though. But even in the same city, the Bay Bridge is bigger and longer and has slightly better views, perhaps that makes it better?

Maybe new-fangled isn’t the way and I could pick an old fortified bridge, like Tower Bridge in London. Hundreds of years of history in that one, as well as a way to get across a river. Or maybe I could try and remember the first big bridge I ever crossed, the first time I was blown away by how big and high something was. Given where I went as a kid, that’s likely to be the M25 Dartford Crossing bridge which I’m sure doesn’t make many people’s lists.

I’ve now been pondering bridges for a while and I’m no closer to an answer.

So, in the course of today, why not take a minute and reflect on which bridge might be your favourite. That way you’ll be prepared if anyone asks YOU, and being prepared is a third of the battle.


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