The Skyrim Speedweek!

For this week’s blogging, I’m pleased to be able to tell you that we’re doing a special event: the Skyrim Speedweek!

That means that each weekday there will be a new Skyrim Speedway post to look forward to!


Before we get to the Speedway posts, we’ve spent a fair chunk of time working for the Daedric Princes recently. As immortal beings that are gods within their own realms and still have immense power and influence in Skyrim, they are each known by a grand title (As a sidenote if I didn’t mention it already: no matter how male or female they choose to manifest as, they’re all Princes). I didn’t bother looking those titles up and just guessed based on what they told me and what I half-remembered from last time I played. Let’s rate how close I got on a 1-5 scale, shall we?


I said: Daedric Prince of Prophecy

But they’re better known as: Queen of Dawn and Dusk. A Prince who maintains/draws power from the balance of night and day, light and dark.

Score: OK yes she as a strong Moon and Star motif, but in the game she’s all about prophecy! She was pretty hot on that in Morrowind too. A grudging, unfair 1/5 because she should really update her title.


I said: Daedric Prince of Being Strong And Murdery.

But they’re better known as: Prince of Plots. The Prince of deceit, secrecy, conspiracy, treason, and unlawful overthrow of authority.

Score: Well, sacrificing the follower was deceitful and treasony but who would ever want to be High Priest of the dude who stands for unlawful overthrow of authority? And is a battle royale sanctioned by your deity lawful or unlawful? Not really a whole lot of conspiring going on either, so you can see why I’d get confused by this one. 1/5.

Clavicus Vile

I said: Daedric Prince of…I’m not actually sure. Bad deals, perhaps

But they’re better known as: Master of Insidious Wishes. The Prince of deals, pacts, power, bargains, and serenity through wish fulfilment.

Score: Huh, I got it right on this one. Maybe more right than the official title because they’re always bad deals for whoever isn’t him. 5/5.

Hermaeus Mora

I called them: Daedric Prince of Secrets. Or I will, when he shows up in tomorrow’s post (spoiler alert).

But they’re better known as: Keeper of Forbidden Knowledge. The formless Daedric Prince of knowledge and memory who seeks to possess all that is knowable.

Presumably spends a lot of time trying to read diaries and shopping lists folded up in pockets. Anyway, basically all about secrets but I missed the knowledge bit so calling this one a 4/5!


I said: Daedric Prince of the Hunt

But they’re better known as: The Lord of the Hunt. The Prince of the hunt, sport, the Great Game, and the Chase.

Score: Yeah, no getting confused with this guy. 5/5.


I said: Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Game

But they’re better known as: Prince of Order. The Prince of logical order and deduction, upholds strict order above all else.

Score: Um, yeah. Jyggalag doesn’t show up in Skyrim at all. No score!


I said: Daedric Prince of Outcasts

But they’re better known as: The Creator of Curses. The Prince whose sphere is the patronage of the spurned and ostracized.

Score: Didn’t mention curses, but got his sphere spot on. 4/5.

Mehrunes Dagon

I said: Actually, I never gave this guy a title. I did call his cult murderous though?

But they’re better known as: The Prince of Destruction. Delights in violent upheaval, energy, and mortal ambition.

Score: Aww, this was a gimme. Dagon was the main bad guy in Oblivion so I actually did know his proper title, if only I’d known to put it down! 1/5.


I said: Daedric Prince of Secrets

But they’re better known as: The Webspinner. The Prince of unknown plots and obfuscation, a master manipulator, a sower of discord.

Score: Plots are secretive by definition, so I’m calling this one “sorta close”. She must be at loggerheads with Boethiah constantly over what the difference is between a “plot” and a “conspiracy”. And if one of the plotters/conspirators writes down his secret plot/conspiracy knowledge Hermaeus Mora has to get involved too…what a mess. 3/5


I said: Daedric Lord of being really against the undead

But they’re better known as: The Lady of Light. The Prince of the energies of all living things, enemy of the undead and all who disrupt the flow of life.

Score: I was pretty on point, there. Except for the Lord bit. 4/5.

Molag Bal

I said: Daedric Prince of Being Evil.

But they’re better known as: The Lord of Corruption. The Prince of domination and spiritual enslavement, seeks to ensnare souls within his domain.

Score: Technically correct, but a little unspecific I GUESS. 2/5.


I said: Daedric Prince of Cannibalism

But they’re better known as: The Lady of Decay. The Prince of the “ancient darkness,” the patron of all things considered repulsive.

Score: Reasonably sure the ancient evil in question is cannibalism, and yeah that is fairly repulsive. Even as a cannibal though, do you really want to be eating decaying dead bodies? Even the quest had us eat a fresh one… Sort yourself out, Namira. 3/5


I said: Daedric Prince and patron of the Thieves’ Guild

But they’re better known as: The Mistress of Shadows. The Prince of the night and darkness, the patron of all things secretive.

Score: I only mentioned her job, not her title. And that’s probably because Mephala also has a strong claim to nights and secrets, while Boethiah likes conspiracies, which a secretive criminal ring might be considered. And yet the Thieves’ Guild is still rubbish. You had ONE job, Nocturnal. 1/5.


I said: Daedric Prince of Pestilence. I also called them Peyrite, whoops.

But they’re better known as: The Bringer of Pestilence. The Taskmaster, the Daedric Prince of Pestilence, desires order in his domain.

Score: An easy one. 5/5.


I said: Daedric Prince of Partying

But they’re better known as: The Lord of Revelry. The Prince of hedonism, debauchery, and the further indulgences of one’s darker nature.

Score: Bacchus by another name, except this one wouldn’t restrict himself to just booze. Hey, maybe that’s how Orc lost the drinking contest… 5/5.


I said: Daedric Prince of madness

But they’re better known as: The Prince of Madness. The infamous Prince of Madness, whose motives are unknowable.

Score: Nothing mind-twisting about this guy’s job! Hopefully, we’ll get to stay with him again in the next game, he’s always an entertaining host. 5/5.


I said: Daedric Prince of Nightmares

But they’re better known as: The Weaver of Dreams. The Prince of dreams and nightmares, a deliverer of evil omens and dark portents.

Score: Another obvious one. 5/5!


The result:

I got 54 out of a possible 80, or if you prefer 68%. If this blog were an accredited American university, I would be getting a D+! Which is not great, but were this blog a university I would also award myself 32% extra credit for being the lecturer, the student and the entire academic administration. And that brings me to an A+! Awesome, together we all know everything there is to know about the Daedric Princes!

…Oh, except for Hermaeus Mora. He hasn’t showed up yet, of course. Check back tomorrow to meet him!





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