The Skyrim Speedway: Part 21

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Orc Orcersson is a vampire doing vampire things! So far this has involved very little in the way of opera cloaks and terrifying peasants at night while making bat friends, but on the flipside it has involved a lot of ancient magic and meddling in arcane realms. I wonder if Harkon will ever realise his true calling is warlockery?

When we left off last time, we need a replacement Moth Priest and got told where to find actual moths. So, we head there. It’s a nice little grove, very scenic. it’s also filled with moths, who take a liking to Orc.


Just as promised, the moth’s power allow Orc to read the Elder Scroll (one of three he has on him which is just a little ridiculous). Maybe it’s just because Orc is a bit of a straightforward kind of dude but there’s no issues with vague interpretations of many possible outcomes here, the Scrolls just give Orc a GPS coordinate of where Auriel’s Bow is (did I go into the prophecy details earlier? The way vampires defeat the sun is with a particular bow and pure vampire blood. This is that bow.).

Then the Dawnguard show up, for some reason. I don’t know how they knew we’d be at a long-forgotten ancient grove of magic moths, but I guess they were feeling left out of the Dawnguard DLC? They don’t slow us, either way.

Heading straight to the cave location we were given, we find this curious chappie.


He’s a Falmer, but one that was protected from the calamity that cursed the others (the Dwemer blinded them all as revenge for something, if I remember it right). Understandably, he prefers to be called a Snow Elf these days. Orc actually still has one of the legendary treasures of the Snow Elves- the left Eye Of The Falmer- on him from the Thieves’ Guild caper a little while back, but figures if he mentions anything the dude might want it back. Good call, Orc.

Obviously given his title, this guy is a religious type. He want’s us to kill the High Priest of Auriel (the Snow Elf version of Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time (not to be confused with Alduin, the Dragon Aspect of Akatosh who we’re trying to kill right now(I can barely keep track either don’t worry about it))) who is a) his brother and b) corrupted by the Falmer. To do that, we need to follow an ancient pilgrimage and visit 5 wayshrines in the long-lost Vale. There’s a Falmer infested cave between us and the Vale to fight through first. Here’s one of those Falmer.


You can really notice the no-eyes thing in this shot (ignore “Charus”, that’s the healthbar for one of the insect things). That’s not just for show; they act blind in-game as well. You can sneak around them in broad daylight as long as you’re quiet enough.

The Vale is a stunningly pretty area, a frozen but not barren valley.


Look at those half frozen waterfalls! Niiiice.

There’s lots of views like that as we wander around the valley finding the 5 shrines and their ghost priests.


There was also a real, genuine awesome surprise in store. As Orc was crossing a frozen lake…


…two dragons burst out of the ice! I’d either forgotten about them or hadn’t crossed the lake the previous time I played it, but it was a great moment when I had no idea what was going on, and then the realization!


They both ate mace, though.

With all the wayshrines visited, the way to the main temple opened.


Inside, it was full of frozen Falmer, caught in place during an assault on the temple eons ago. I’m sure they won’t come to life and attack us.


Reaching the inner sanctum, we finally come face to face with the corrupted high priest. He taunts us from behind a force field as he unfreezes waves of Falmer to attack us. Who could have predicted that wait a minute is he flipping Orc off?!


He is!

As soon as the shield is down, we super double cleanse him of corruption with repeated application’s of Orc’s mace. The other guy shows up, is happy but pensive, last survivor of a noble race etc etc etc. He finally gets around to giving us Auriel’s Bow and we take it to the Castle to show it to Harkon, pointy bits first.


We go straight in the front door and find Harkon in the shrine room. He starts giving a long speech, but is interrupted by a mace to the face. He’s actually a proper boss fight rather than just a tougher NPC; he has a shield phase that can only be broken by using Auriel’s Bow, he’ll turn into an invincible bat swarm to move around, he’ll summon skeletons and Gargoyles and fire drain health spells at the player. But he’s no match for Orc, who is extremely good at being the superior vampire. Serana is recognized as ruler of the vampires, and…we’re done with the main quest, the achievement for that is ours. There’s still some quests we could do and a few misc. Dawnguard achievements to pick up, but the hard part is over.

Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as I remembered, possibly because I was powering through areas ignoring all the side stuff and barely talked to any NPCs. I’m seriously considering starting up another character when I’m done with the Speedway to do the Dawnguard side of the quests, which I’ve never actually done! Obviously, I’ll put in some mods to fix the bad parts first.

That’s for the future though: Orc still has much questing to do!

Time Elapsed: 22hr 08m

Achievement Progress: 41/75

Next time: Questing!


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