The Skyrim Speedway Part 22

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Last week on Orcy The Vampire Slayer: Orc Orcersson, proud Orc and vampire, slayed many vampires in order to stop their vampire leader from blotting out the sun with terrible ancient magics. What will he do with this legendary artefact now?

For a start, for an ancient artefact spoken of in legend this bow isn’t actually that bad, unlike most of the other junk we’ve found. After a little bit of the patented Orc smithing touch, we can swap out our current bow for Auriel’s Bow.

Of course, with this newfound Bow’s power to blot out the sun and with the shout he was taught earlier that clears the skies, Orc is now fully equipped to ruin the delicate balance of nature everywhere he goes. He’s seriously a one-man ecological disaster waiting to happen, especially as I can sprint everywhere if the sun is gone. Will that fact tempt me into destroying the climate?



Also there’s a dragon circling for that hint of extra epicness. I forget if Orc killed it or not, but I think it just circled for a bit prevent fast travel before flying off somewhere. That’s more usual.

The Bow power is a big tradeoff though: while removing the debilitating effects of the hated daystar is good, I’m not a huge fan of running around in a world with a red filter on it. It gets old fast, so the good people of Skyrim will probably not experience too many terrifying blood eclipses. Also we kinda sorta went through a lot to try and prevent this thing from happening.

Anyway, enough messing with the natural order of things, I promised questing! At some point we read a book about a lost dwemer ruin, let’s go check it out.

It starts off in a familiar manner: a voice in the air telling us to turn back. The difference is, this time it’s not trying to kill us!


This is Katria the Friendly Ghost. She explains that she was tracking down the legendary Aetherium Forge and the clues led her to this ruin. Unfortunately, she messed up a little trying to in and caused a devastating and deadly earthquake. Yup, she used to be an adventurer like us, until she took a 100ft drop to the face. She agrees to help us succeed where she failed and leads us to her body which has her journal. After a brief contemplative moment with her own corpse (and an exasperated “Really?” when Orc loots her armour) we press on through ruins, the Falmer and Dwemer machines.


Eventually we reach this, the Tonal Lock. With the aid of the journal and a few other clues scattered around, Orc activates the spinny things in the right sequence, obtaining the first part of the Aetherium Key! Katria is overjoyed and filled with renewed purpose, and says she’ll head out and meet us at each of the remaining parts.

These are scattered all over Skyrim, although the Journal has a map and descriptions of each location that will get you fairly close. I really like this quest as there’s no quest markers for each piece, so you actually have to put a tiny bit of thought into where you search, although it does highlight how utterly garbage the game’s interface is when you’re trying to refer to a book in you’re inventory a lot.

2 Key pieces are easily accessible, and the last one is deep in a large ruin at another entrance to Blackreach. With all 4 in hand, Katria materializes and tells us where the Forge is.


There’s some ancient guardians of the forge left there by the Dwemer, but all their technological terrors are insignificant compared to the power of outsourcing all your fighting to conjured demons and a ghost.

After defeating the ancient guardians, we can use the Forge! the downside is that as far as anyone knows, there’s no Aetherium left in the world. None except for the Key we used to get in, that is. Katria urges us to make an Aetherium artefact to prove she was right all this time and Orc obliges by making a fancy crown. Back on the usual form, this unique artefact made of unobtainable materials is a bit rubbish, but it’s enough for Katria and she can finally rest. Shame, she was a good companion. This gets us the “Lost To The Ages” achievement, as well as the “Hero Of The People” one as one of the Misc objectives for this quest was the 50th Orc completed.

Next up, we’re heading back to the Soul Cairn. Orc left far too fast last time, if he’d hung around a little longer the dragon we beat to free whatsherface would have showed up for a chat.


After a little bit of mutual ego-stroking about how great of warriors we both are (although he does NOT mention Orc’s fancy rare crown 😡 ) he askes if we’d summon him to the real world in exchange for a Shout. He misses colours that aren’t purple, see.


No prob, bud. We summon him, wait 2 hours and repeat until we know all of the “Soul Tear” Shout, plus get the associated achievement. Glad to help, enjoy the Cairn!

…Ok, that’s a little mean. Orc buys a plot of land in Dawnstar and builds a betowered mansion on it. You can live here, dragon bud!


Try to ignore the skeletons of your own kind lying around. Oh, we may also have annoyed the giant camp nearby by killing their mammoths during the fight against that dragon. Also you can’t leave the Soul Cairn for more than an hour or you’ll dissolve into nothingness.

Whatever, it still feels like a good deed.

Time Elapsed: 23hr 21m

Achievement Progress: 45/75

Next time: The darkness within…


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