Kiwi Facts

Did you know there was a 5.1 magnitude earthquake in Gisborne, New Zealand a day ago? I did, because it popped up on my news feed. And as always, seeing news of a minor earthquake triggers another set of BIRD FACTS! As it was a New Zealand quake, we may as well learn about New Zealand’s most famous bird, the Kiwi!

  1. Kiwis cannot fly. They have stumpy little wing remnants so their ancestors could though!
  2. Because they can’t fly, they feed on bugs on the forest floor.
  3. They do this at night because they are nocturnal! They can’t see very well, but their sense of smell is great.
  4. Basically, they fill the same niche that badgers do in areas that have mammals.
  5. Kiwis became nocturnal to avoid their natural predator, the gigantic (and sadly extinct) Haast Eagle.
  6. Unfortunately, being nocturnal doesn’t help Kiwi – especially Kiwi chicks- against introduced predators like rats, stoats, cats and dogs.
  7. Speaking of chicks, Kiwi lay huge eggs relative to their size -the egg weighs 25% of their bodyweight- so Kiwi chicks hatch and are almost immediately able to feed themselves.
  8. Kiwis are monogamous, but Kiwis are very grouchy birds that need their presonal space so the male and the female have separate burrows
  9. When the male wakes up, the first thing he does is let out a piercing call, which tells the female where he is and warns other Kiwis to stay out of their territory!
  10. They are dumpy and they run funny and I like them a lot.


That’s it for this time, so make sure to space out your enjoyment of these cool facts until next time!


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