The Well Prepared Man

It’s not a stunningly original observation to note that videogame characters can carry more items than a real-life human can, but I just finished a fairly lengthy run of Hitman’s Sapienza level and the sheer amount of stuff Mr Hitman had on him at the end amused me.

Here, let me run it down for your benefit.

To start with, on top of the usual mission to stop 2 scientists from developing a terrifying bioweapon, Agent 47 had the extra challenge of killing both scientists with his trademark fibre wire garrote; a quick and silent weapon. The mission to infilitrate the mansion could have been quick and easy, but there was a lot of wandering around the level beforehand because it’s not too tricky a challenge and frankly, I enjoy messing with the NPCs.

That meant I passed a lot of loose items lying around that disappeared into 47’s cavernous but well tailored suit jacket. This is a screenshot from about halfway through the mission; it’s already getting to be a pain to scroll through the inventory if I need something in particular:


And here’s the final inventory as the level was exited in the escape seaplane:

  • 1 Fibre Wire. Brought as starter equipment, can’t fill the fibre wire challenge without it!
  • 21 Coins. Throw these around to make great distractions, 47 started with 3 and found waaay more as he went.
  • 1 Lockpick. Self explanatory, from an agency dead drop.
  • 1 Silverballer. A silenced pistol, the final item brought from the pre-mission planning.
  • 1 Biolab Security uniform, worn. Not as classy as a bespoke suit but fits in better in a secret lab.
  • 1 HX10 SMG, on back. The security uniform lets 47 wear this large gun openly.
  • 1 Bartoli 75R. A standard guard-issued pistol.
  • 1 Bartoli 75S. Same as above but chrome.
  • 2 Kitchen Knives. Knives are obviously useful for stabbing, these aren’t illegal to hold if you happen to be dressed as kitchen staff.
  • 1 Letter Opener. Treated as a knife by the game.
  • 5 Soda Cans. One-use items that are allowed everywhere and can knock people out if applied to the head. Very useful!
  • 2 Crowbars. For opening doors noisily and messily and hitting people with!
  • 1 Hammer. Just for hitting people with.
  • 2 Screwdrivers. Deadly if thrown, can also loosen screws to make electrical items a little more dangerous.
  • 1 Combat Knife. It’s no better than a kitchen knife, but it is more suspicious!
  • 4 Bricks. Like Soda Cans, but more suspicious to be toting around.
  • 1 Amputation Knife. An antique from a display, still kills in skilled hands.
  • 1 Circumcision Knife. Ditto
  • 2 Wrenches. For plumbing and knockouts.
  • 2 Scissors. As a baldie, Hitman does not know how to use these for their intended purpose of haircutting and will just throw them into skulls.
  • 2 Lead Pipes. See Wrench.
  • 1 Remote Explosive Mine. Good for…well, exploding something remotely, as long as you’re sure no one will see it lying around.
  • 1 Rat Poison. Non lethal for humans, but it does make them want to throw up somewhere private…
  • 2 Flower Bouquets. On application to a vase filled with water, brightens a room.
  • 2 Busts. A solid marble statuette for impact-induced naps.
  • 1 Folding Knife. Totally illegal.
  • 1 Toy Tank. In case 47 gets bored while hiding in a closet.
  • 1 Cannabis Joint. Far too strong for our lightweight targets, should they somehow be manoeuvred into a position to smoke it.
  • 1 Can Expired Spaghetti Sauce. …yes?
  • 1 Explosive Golf Ball. A ridiculous but surprisingly useful gadget!
  • 1 Bag Of Gunpowder. Suitable for use in a cannon, should you encounter one.

plus various assorted keys, keycards, safe combinations, notes etc.

You actually can’t tell on the screenshots (it’s cropped out of the banner image) but I did this on Professional difficulty as well. This has a number of changes, the most important of which here is that a lot of unsafe items lying around on Normal difficulty are changed to be in a more secure location, usually on a nearby NPC. That’s right, there’s normally even more things to pick up.

And you know how I said the fibre wire challenge wasn’t too tricky a challenge? Well, that’s definitely true on Normal. Pro mode also makes you die a lot faster when shot at, adds more guards, adds more guards that can see through disguises and makes a lot of household items like screwdrivers “suspicious”, which means that guards don’t like you having them out in front of them. You can also only save once per runthrough, so if you do something dumb like pick up a lead pipe directly under a guards nose so the suspicion meter fills really fast, you get riddled with bullets quite quickly and have to go all the way back to the one save you have just after entering the mansion. There’s a few other nasty little tweaks, like a subtle change in the lab (that I won’t spoil here) that removes a shortcut I liked to rely on…

In short, I really shouldn’t have done this little scavenger hunt on Pro Mode. Hey, at least I finally got the fibre wire challenge; it just took me about 2 hours longer than it should! The things I do for this blog…




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