The Skyrim Speedway Part 29

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The Skyrim Speedway is slowly coming to an end! With the defeat of Miraak, Orc Orcersson is now the Last Dragonborn of myth and prophecy, as well as all the other accomplishments he’s racked up along the way. Of the major questlines, all that’s left is the Main Quest and part of the Thieves’ Guild. Don’t go preparing retirement parties yet though, there’s still much to do in sidequestland.

As mentioned at the end of the last post, one of the achievements is to own a house on Solstheim. The only ownable house is in Raven Rock, and you can’t just get it by exchanging currency for it. That’s silly, how would an economy even work like that? No, this house will only be ours if Orc helps out some people around town, starting with the crazy guy in the mine.

Oh, I didn’t mention him when Orc met him in the fist Solstheim post? Raven Rock has an old, defunct mine in it (the reason for the Imperial colony in the first place, if you remember). Inside is a elderly man that claims the mine wasn’t closed because the ore deposits ran out, but for a far more sinister reason…

The old dude also has the only pickaxe on the island capable of mining Stalhrim, which is why Orc made a point of visiting in the first place. He’ll hand it over immediately if you promise to help, though. Guess we’re going to honour that promise after all!


Orc fairly quickly identifies the problem; looks like the miners tunnelled into a draugr barrow (if it’s hard to see that, its because it’s also a shot of Miraak’s robe erupting into tentacles). Seems the Company decided to just shut the whole operation down rather than deal with that, and also lie to everyone as to the reason why because….?


Along the way we find the remains of Old Man’s ancestor, who was right about the mines still being workable but couldn’t figure out how to open this door. Orc can though, slashing it in the right pattern using the magic sword provided in a sequence that is, in layman’s terms, quite cool indeed!

The door holds treasure guarded by Dragon Priest; another word wall that has the third word of Dragon Aspect (netting us the “Dragon Aspect” achievement!) and another Black Book! Orc loves to dive into a good book (literally) and quickly completes the trials of this portion of Apocrypha.


He also tries on the new Dragon Priest mask for size! Finding this Black Book is good, but there’s still 3 more to find and complete out there.

Once we’re done with the mines and the Book, Orc takes the back exit out. This happens to be through another draugr tomb, this one occupied by bandits, or Reavers as they’re called on Solstheim. The Reaver boss is surprised to see us pop out of a long-sealed crypt and doesn’t put up much of a fight, but is still a special kill! See, the game counts a dungeon as “cleared” when the boss dies, and this guy was our 50th such boss. We’re “Delvers” now!

The old miner is overjoyed to be vindicated and the rest of the town is quite pleased with us too; having a working mine is good for the economy. Singlehandedly reviving the economy still isn’t house worthy though, maybe if Orc solves the problem of the Ashspawn attacks?

The “declaration of war” note Orc found on the first ashspawn we encountered- that attacked the Guard Captain when we first arrived- were signed by one General Carius, so starting at his place seems logical. He’s the commander of the local Legion fort, with the slight wrinkle that he’s been dead inside his ash-covered fort since the Red Mountain eruption 200 years ago.


Once we get there, we find that he still seems to be yelling orders at ashspawn, so in Orc’s professional opinion, it’s necromancy. One quick trawl disposing of all the spawn through the fort later and yep, it’s a necromancer’s doing. Luckily, re-killing the undead general seems to put a stop to it. The Guard Captain is happy at least, perhaps he will reward us with a dwelling?

Nope, he points us towards one of the town officials. This one is concerned about an assassination plot against the Town Councillor by House Redoran’s underhanded rivals, House Harkonnen Hlaalu! With some help from townsfolk, Orc concocts a plan to identify the traitors by seeing who’s leaving offerings in a particular family tomb. I’m skipping details here, it makes sense in context I promise.

Orc does indeed witness an offering leaving so the official sends us to scope out their house to confirm they are indeed the traitor. He says we can proceed with appropriate force if rumbled too. Off to Sevarin Manor then!


It’s lucky we got the “appropriate force” dispensation because it’s quite a small house and as I still had the light spell I use for screenshots active when I went in, Orc was spotted fairly fast. This necessitated some completely defensive murders, but to the relief of everyone, Orc uncovered documents proving the family was putting together an armed insurrection. That means he was dispensing justice rather than breaking, entering and slaying an innocent family! Yay!

The insurrection in question was a large group of hired assassins, who instead of assassining had spent their time building a trap-filled fort out in the wilderness. Not the best plan, especially when it completely failed to stop Orc from wiping them out!

Finally, Orc’s great deeds in killing people that absolutely could not have easily backfired reach the ears of the Councillor, who in recognition of Orc’s efforts grant him the newly empty and slightly bloodstained Severin Manor! Orc gets the achievement for being a Raven Rock Owner!

It comes with this display case filled with skulls, as is the fashion around here maybe?


Also, Orc is still dressed up as Miraak, which must be a little confusing for all those in the town who were under the real Miraak’s spell.

During all this, I’d been periodically checking in on the Skaal village, aka the only place that knows the secrets of working Stahlrim. Despite repeated trips, the quest to learn those secrets still hasn’t fired and I decided to do some investigating. By picking the questgiving NPC in the console and teleporting to him, we I discover he’s dead, likely killed in the crossfire of the monsters that spawn when you liberate a stone.

Apparently that’s not supposed to happen to him; he’s usually tagged as immortal until the quest is complete, but hey, Skyrim.


Using our cheats, we bring him back to life and force the quest to start. You could look more grateful for that, dude!

The quest is to find a kidnapped blacksmith. I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s the Thalmor up to no good again and they all get fatally maced. In return for his rescue, the Blacksmith shares the secret of Stahlrim crafting with Orc.


Orc gets the Stahlrim Crafter achievement and the satisfaction of looking good!

Time Elapsed: 29hr 58m

Achievement Progress: 62/75

Next time: Book hunting harder than trying to find the first book of a series at a library!


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