Macaw Facts

As I was getting in Post Writing mood, guess what I saw? A 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck someplace called Pucallpa in Peru yesterday. And that means the Bird Facts symbol has been lit, and 10 facts about Macaws are inbound!

  1. Macaws are large Parrots native to the new world, which includes such places as Peru.
  2. There are 10 Macaw species, the Hyacinth Macaw is the largest parrot in the world!
  3. …But there used to be 19 Macaw species 😦
  4. Macaws are almost all brightly coloured!
  5. Macaws are very social and that means they’re really loud to yell at their friends over the rest of the flock!
  6. This means they don’t really make good pets.
  7. Their beaks are strong enough to crush a walnut!
  8. They enjoy many other foods besides nuts though: seeds, fruits, leaves, flowers, insects…
  9. Some Amazon species enjoy eating a specific type of riverbank clay, thought to be because it neutralizes toxins found in some of the seeds they eat
  10. They are not known to shape the clay into useful objects, although they’re pretty smart birds so they might if they knew you could smash the pottery afterward? They’re pretty mischievous too, you see!


Why not brightly colour these Macaw facts to keep yourself busy until the next set of Bird Facts?


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