A Can-Do Attitude

I hope you’re all looking forward to the finale of the Skyrim Speedway this week; I’ve read it and as an unbiased source I can say it’s a great ending!

Anyway, to help you pass the time until this momentous event I’m going to finally end an old regional debate:

Picture some prechopped tomatoes, in their cylindrical metal container and ready to made into a delicious meal. The meal’s being made by a Clone Trooper, because…. ummm, I already had that picture around? ANYWAY did you picture them in a tin, or in a can?

We can settle this linguistic quandry once and for all right now: food is packaged in metal cylinders in canneries, while a tinnery is a smeltery for processing tin ore. Therefore, “can” is correct! PROBLEM RESOLVED.

However….despite a definitive answer, if you like “tin” feel free to use it still, nobody cares that much! Heck, start calling it a food cylinder if you like. Let no one stop your creativity!


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