The Many Talents Of Orc Orcersson

So, the Skyrim Speedway is complete! I went back through every post and I thoroughly recommend doing the same if you’ve missed out on any of it! It’s an excellent series and you can get to all of it from the links at the top of Part One.

I didn’t just reread it to praise my own writing though, I did it to compile a complete list of the titles Orc held at the end of the Speedrun!

After 33 instalments, here’s what our accoladed hero was officially recognized as:

  1. Dragonborn
  2. Dragonslayer
  3. Defeater of Alduin The World-Eater
  4. Thane of Whiterun
  5. Harbinger of the Companions
  6. Vampire Lord
  7. Legate of the Imperial Legion
  8. Hero of the Battle of Whiterun
  9. Arch-Mage of the College Of Winterhold
  10. Listener of the Dark Brotherhood
  11. Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild
  12. Honorary Member of The Blades
  13. Initiate of Auriel
  14. Agent of Mara
  15. Nightingale Of Nocturnal
  16. Champion of Hermaeus Mora (twice)
  17. Champion of Azura
  18. Champion of Malacath and Official Favourite Orc
  19. Champion of the other 12 Daedric princes I’m not listing them all individually.
  20. Citizen of Raven Rock
  21. The Last Dragonborn (after defeating Miraak)

And here’s some more titles that aren’t officially named by the game, but that I feel he earned:

  • Alpha Werewolf (cured)
  • Property Magnate (he has 5 houses)
  • Cannibal
  • Goatfinder
  • Mothfriend
  • Voted Skyrim’s Most Reliable Courier
  • Master Of All Trades And Skills
  • Saviour of Solstheim
  • Sovngard Visitor Pass Holder
  • Neloth’s Part-Time Assistant
  • Durnehviir’s Only Friend
  • Former High King of Skyrim (briefly, while wearing the Jagged Crown)
  • Junior Archeologist Of The Year
  • Lead Singer Of Orc and The Orcettes.

What a resume!


What a guy.


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