To Pickup Or Not To Pickup?

In the country I grew up in, pickup trucks were a very rare sight. I’ve since moved around the world and realized that they’re far more common in other parts of the globe. But even since that move, it seems like there’s been an increase in the number I see on the roads of the city I live in. I’m confused by this.

I’m not referring to the cheap and cheerful pickups used by actual builders and the like; small older models that have a back full of miscellaneous junk and a dent on every panel. The number of those around hasn’t really changed.

No, I mean the pickups that are very large and fancy and shiny, where even the ones that do have business liveries on them are, shall we say, way too clean and empty for me to believe that they’re required for the job.

All this suggests to me that people aren’t buying them because they need them for their occupation, but because they’ve discovered a more ridiculous personal vehicle than the ubiquitous SUV. This seems like a really bad trend to me; other people buying an expensive, overlarge vehicle is a waste of their money, bad for the environment and offends me personally with their terrible taste.

Always keen to help people stop themselves from making poor choices, I fired up MSPaint and put together a handy flowchart to follow if you are, in fact, considering purchasing a pickup truck!


I hope this has been helpful for your vehicle choosing needs!



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