Bald Eagle Facts

As occasionally happens, my eye was caught by a news headline about- what else?- a minor earthquake! This one was a small 3.2 magnitude centred on south San Diego, California and it means we have to have some more Bird Facts!

As this struck in the USA, why not devote this Bird Facts to their national bird, the Bald Eagle? Just look, 10 facts about Bald Eagles have perched right below…

  1. According to google image search, the natural behaviour of a Bald Eagle is making angry eyes in front of an American flag.
  2. This is wrong; their natural behaviour is fishing in lakes all over North America, but they’ll happily scavenge many other things. Just like oversized seagulls.
  3. Bald Eagle nests are huge, some have been weighed at over a ton!
  4. Bald Eagles can live to be 20 years old in the wild.
  5. Despite the name, they aren’t bald. The head is clearly covered in white feathers.
  6. Young Bald Eagles don’t get the white head and tail feathers until they’re three years old, but they still have feathers before that so they’re not bald then either?
  7. Also, that distinctive eagle cry from films and TV isn’t real. Real Bald Eagles sound like -you guessed it- larger seagulls. The screech they use in media is a Red Tailed Hawk!
  8. Ben Franklin was very much against Bald Eagles being the national bird of America. As a very smart and far-sighted man, he favoured the Turkey, a bird which doesn’t enjoy hanging out at garbage dumps.
  9. Despite their opportunistic natural behaviours, Bald Eagles are associated with strength and freedom.
  10. None of this is the Eagle’s fault, they didn’t ask to be saddled with all these unrealistic expectations. They just want to be big seagulls! My advice: do not let them get a taste for chips, America!


Hmmm, has anyone checked to see if Bald Eagles are actually just 2 seagulls in a trenchcoat? Maybe you could do that until the next time we get more Bird Facts!



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