Bald Eagle Facts

As occasionally happens, my eye was caught by a news headline about- what else?- a minor earthquake! This one was a small 3.2 magnitude centred on south San Diego, California and it means we have to have some more Bird Facts!

As this struck in the USA, why not devote this Bird Facts to their national bird, the Bald Eagle? Just look, 10 facts about Bald Eagles have perched right below… Continue reading “Bald Eagle Facts”


The Many Talents Of Orc Orcersson

So, the Skyrim Speedway is complete! I went back through every post and I thoroughly recommend doing the same if you’ve missed out on any of it! It’s an excellent series and you can get to all of it from the links at the top of Part One.

I didn’t just reread it to praise my own writing though, I did it to compile a complete list of the titles Orc held at the end of the Speedrun!

Continue reading “The Many Talents Of Orc Orcersson”

A Can-Do Attitude

I hope you’re all looking forward to the finale of the Skyrim Speedway this week; I’ve read it and as an unbiased source I can say it’s a great ending!

Anyway, to help you pass the time until this momentous event I’m going to finally end an old regional debate:

Picture some prechopped tomatoes, in their cylindrical metal container and ready to made into a delicious meal. The meal’s being made by a Clone Trooper, because…. ummm, I already had that picture around? ANYWAY did you picture them in a tin, or in a can?

We can settle this linguistic quandry once and for all right now: food is packaged in metal cylinders in canneries, while a tinnery is a smeltery for processing tin ore. Therefore, “can” is correct! PROBLEM RESOLVED.

However….despite a definitive answer, if you like “tin” feel free to use it still, nobody cares that much! Heck, start calling it a food cylinder if you like. Let no one stop your creativity!